Monday, November 17, 2008

Are people just confused?

Not everyone of course, but I just had yet another baffling moment while perusing various forums online. I see people who are very loudly supporting Obama, turn around and make comments like "the Unification in Canada has been our downfall". This was in reference to various tax problems and people having trouble drawing on that money (EI etc) when they finally need to access it. Then today I saw another reference to the unification, in reference to taxes and Pension money running out in Canada - saying 'that's how they sold us on Unification'. By the tone of the whole post, I understood that to be rather against this unification.

Okay,,, so... WHAT? Then why are these particular people supporting someone who wants to put into action a lot of similar programs? If it does not work, if people here do not like it, then why turn and say 'sure the US should do it'. I know it's not as simple as that. I know this. I know that McCain was probably not the best choice for running under Republicans. But again I ask - if you do not support what Obama wants to do, why did you vote for him???? Or if from another country, why do you support him? That is all I want to know and people either do not answer me at all, or they say he looks like he would be a good man. What is that?? Yeah sure, he can be a really good man. I think he is one too. But I also think my neighbour is a really good man and I don't think he should run for Prime Minister... So what else do you have for me? Eh? Anyone?

Like I said, I know it's not quite that simple. However,,, why isn't it? Why can't SO many people give a real reason for their vote. They don't have to tell me. Their vote is their business. But it does go along with my 'need' to find out why people 'do stuff' (sorry, Family Guy flashback lol). I watched two forums yesterday that were very heavily Obama supporters, go on and on about Canada's system in a negative manner, and then saw a third this morning? That is just too much of a coincidence. No one is saying they want Canada to drop all their programs, they are just saying they can see that it is no where near perfect and the governments did not forsee these problems (my worry is personally about the Canada Pension plan giving all my money away right now and not having enough time to build it up again for when i need it). They complain about it, complain about government involvement, complain that the US citizens get to vote on various issues when we almost never do,,, and then turn around and support someone who on his OWN WEBSITE listed the same types of plans. This is not me listening to conservative talk radio, etc, this is me listening to Obama's own words, reading his own words. I just wonder why people will support someone when they don't support their ideas... ?? Baffling but whatever.

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