Friday, November 14, 2008

Whispers of Intent

Last week, 2 days after the election, I heard about Obama's 'Office of the President-Elect' website, courtesy of Sirius Patriot Radio. I could not follow what they were raving about so I had a look at it for myself. They certainly seemed to be up in arms about something... And I made some very curious discoveries. I must now say that everything I saw that day and for a day or so afterwards has now completely disappeared from the site. Ponder that fact however you like. But I am glad that I copied and pasted some of the excerpts into a forum I frequent before the dismantling of that particular section, or I would have no record, no proof of what was found on there. There is a section called Agenda and before Monday, you could click on that and choose from at least 20 separate headings. Each one, such as Tax, Military, Iraq, Healthcare and so on had a LARGE write-up for the Obama-Biden plan. It was not a little blurb, it was a long drawn out point-by-point list of their hopes, goals, and intent for each topic. I made several mental notes while reading through various sections - such as "the top 2% earning families will give back a portion of the past 8 years worth of Income Tax refunds they received". Really? Do they know this? Did they know this before they voted? Very curious that it just happened to be an 8 year figure to go along with Bush's time as president. Anyway I just noted that the top 2% earning families might not be too impressed with having to pay back money they have LONG already spent. But I did not see a reason behind it so I cannot comment on that I suppose.

I saw wording such as a mission under the Iraq heading to Seek... and Destroy Al Qaeda. It went on to say that they would move to the new battleground of Afghanistan. Those were words on the website, not my own ad-lib. So while I was watching people in forums whoop it up that their troops would be coming home, I was seeing something different on the President-Elect's website. Those were pretty strong words - destory and battleground. I just felt that people who voted for him assumed that the whole conflict would be stopped and only special forces would remain involved in finding Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, etc. It did not appear to be that way on the website.

I also saw that the Obama-Biden plan did NOT include Universal Health Care. I believe the term used was that it is too extreme. A lot of people thought UHC would be coming along with Obama but again, his own website said otherwise.

But what really shocked me was the continued references to creating more "Corps" for civilians and MANDATORY community service work was a huge part. At first, earlier on last Friday morning, it said ALL citizens aged middle school and up would be REQUIRED to perform 50-100 hours of community service per year under these various Corps. Green Corps is one that I recall. Anyway, the guys on talk radio were having a field day with this because the 13th ammendment to the Constitution states not only that slavery will be abolished, but also that "involuntary servitude" is not allowed unless someone is incarecerated, yadda yadda. Yes I yadda-yadda'd the Constitution. It is not hard to look up so you can do it yourself if you like :) Anyway, later in the day I went back to the website and noticed some changes right away. It seems as though the pages were being re-written before my very eyes. I could find information under one topic and then go back a short time later to find it for a quote, and it would be moved, changed, or missing. The new entries stated that all middle-school children would be required to perform 50 hours of Community Service per year, as Obama's "goal". The rest was called Voluntary all of a sudden. Until that point, it had even stressed the people over the age of 55 woudl also be required to perform community service. Later on it said they would be "encouraged". I found it very interesting that these changes were going on. I am all for change if it was in response to people emailing their concerns. However - how did it all get on the site in the first place?

You can't tell me that a whole lot of people didn't check it out at every stage before it was typed up for the website, and afterwards as well. Why didn't anyone else see this while it was being written, edited, proof read, and typed up? Why was it put out for the world to see and then hastily changed? It also said that college students may qualify for a $4000 tuition or course -aide payment IF they agree to perform 100 hours of community service in a year. Okay, fair enough, students shouldn't always get something-for-nothing. But it was still a noteable change from the morning.

But I think my biggest surprise came on Monday morning when I went back to the site to see if there were any more changes. Oh boy were there EVER ... the entire Agenda was GONE. When you click on that heading, you no longer get a drop down with 20+ topic choices. You get a one paragraph general blurb. That is it. The rest appears to be MIA. Curious don't you think? And before I started this entry I went back again to see if the Agenda section is still curiously empty and yes, it is. All gone, bye-bye. Why is that? Just ask yourself the question. I am not going to sit here and try to influence you when I can't even see who you are - I am just saying ASK yourself what is going on. Think about things that are transpiring. Think about his choices so far for Chief of Staff (a rather controversial figure from my understanding to date). Think about others in his party suddenly calling for bailing out the automakers. Think about money driveling from every direction. Think about the Democrats who released details of their own healthcare plans today. Think about everything. Don't let things slip past you. If after you put some REAL thought into things and you are still happy about what is going on, fair enough. If you can think about the disappearance of some key and perhaps controversial information from the official website and still think that is a-0kay, then fair enough.

At least you gave it some thought, which I am not convinced many people have. I see that all the time when I notice people in forums saying that even Al Sharpton is happy and excited and not spewing garbage for the first time in eons. Oh really? Well didn't he say on 'air' that Obama was not 'black enough', and that he was 'all sizzle and no meat?' within the past couple of years or less? Another case of people I bump into on the net not really thinking about what they are saying. I may be incorrect and Jesse Jackson may have uttered one of those prhases, but I think some of you might get my point...

ETA: I had to suddenly stop writing because my littlest boy (baby Matthew) woke up with a fever :(

Anyway my point was that a heck of a lot of people seemed to join some bandwagon. I don't really respect people who do an about-face with no reasons. It's not like some of those people said "I have him a hard time, I didn't take time to look into his policies and now I support them, I am sorry for what I said in the past" etc. They just poof, suddenly one day are crying and bawling on TV and singing praises and hallelujahs. THAT is what I do not like to see. I like to see people having actual reasons for their choices - not just hopping on the nearest bandwagon, or voting for a certain colour (this also goes for anyone who did not vote for Obama merely because he is black, but would have voted Dem if he was white). I do not like to hear people tearing him to shreds one day and crying out his name in glory the next. Of course, Sharpton is not a great example of anything. That man makes my skin curl up and hide - but he is most certainly not the only person I have seen or heard do this with my own eyes/ears. That is what I have a problem with.

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