Saturday, December 13, 2008


I just went on a short trip around blogland to see what was being said about various Sirius Patriot talk show hosts. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course. I don't like or agree with everything I hear from every host I listen to (Mike Church, Andrew Wilkow, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin). It would be next to impossible to agree with everything ANYONE says. I would challenge that a person who says they agree with every single issue put forth by whoever they choose to follow/listen to would be either downright lying, or not thinking for themselves. People are meant to have differing ideas and opinions - it would be a damned boring world if we all thought exactly the same. We probably would not advance either, because it takes questions and debates and throwing ideas against each other in order to come up with the mind-boggling technology we enjoy today.

But here is my opinion about the times I have given Sirius Left a chance --- oh my GOD. I cannot listen to it around my children at all because of the foul language I have heard during all but one attempts at tuning in. I am not a prude, but I do have children in my home and even turning down the volume does not keep their ears from pinpointing the F word. One day I decided to try at about 8am my time, thinking that would be safer. Well, that was the worst I had ever heard from that program. A caller saying F, MF, B*st*rds, FFFFFFF MF MF MF.. I could not believe it. And the host droning on in his lounge-singer voice as though the caller had been sharing a recipe. I was appalled and I have not tuned in since. I tuned into Sirius Patriot later, and I do not recall which host it was now, but a caller said "horse-shit" and the host asked him politely to be careful with his wording.

I don't know what it was about the epiphany I had after those incidents, but I had a hell of a lot more respect for the Patriot hosts and none for the Left hosts. If I want to listen to muck, I can tune into the Playboy station lol, I did not expect to hear all of that spewing forth from the Sirius Left station. Callers get dumped or bleeped if they get carried away on Patriot. They get warned if they are dissing Obama rudely (although the hosts push the envelope as far as possible lol) but they won't tolerate personal attacks and complete downright nastiness from callers, yet they get classed as being evil propaganda mongers? Huh? I would much rather tune into their programs and actually learn a few things, or learn where to look them up for myself, than tune into Left and listen to foul crap when my kids are in earshot. Maybe I have bad luck and tuned in at the exact wrong times? Who knows.. but I am never listening to it again, that's all I can say. If there is going to be some censorship around, it better start on the Left side.

And a late comment I am adding -- I have heard many times that Mark Levin's radio program is the most listened to of ALL broadcasts. Like ALL of them (in the US at least for sure). Wow. That is a hell of a lot of listeners. And Andrew Wilkow's show is the most listened to on Sirius and apparently he will also be broastcasting on XM radio starting in the new year. So out of the music stations, other talk show programs, etc etc etc, out of ALL of them, Mark and Andrew are tops. These are not just loud mouthed guys who speak to a minority of crazy hothead people, they are more popular than I ever realized by far. Explain to me how people can then turn around and say they are useless mouthpieces? It seems that millions upon millions of people disagree ;)

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