Friday, February 13, 2009


Thanks to the Canadian Sentinel for posting the link to this story. I just had to hand over my own high school and college transcripts along with my birth certificate to adhere to Govt policy in my province for working with young children at the daycare center, in order to make $10/hour. I had to show my childrens' birth certificates to their school and sports teams to prove that 1- they were Canadian citizens (my oldest is a Permanent Resident, born in England so I had to show proof of his citizenship as well) and 2 - that I had valid custody of them. If I have to show a birth certificate for my children to receive an education in a country that requires all children to go to school (same as the US), and show my records for partental peace of mind over their chidren's caregivers, why wouldn't a president of an entire country have to show his?

That's all I've been asking. I heard about this early last year on the Talk Radio circuit and still cannot figure out why proof of birth and citizenship did not get handed over for this candidate, who is now the Pres. Is it a trivial matter like some are suggesting? Well then why do other people have to show their proof of birth and such in order to qualify for the very programs that this president wants to push forward? Think about it. Is that fair (let alone is it legal)?

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