Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Derangement Syndromes

I have heard the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome" many times over the years and understood the whole reasoning behind it - hating Bush just 'because', and pretty much hating him for everything he did or said no matter what it was. What I don't understand is how some people were so vocal about him in various blogs and forums, but are clamping their mouths shut tight about Obama so far. I read in a forum I have been a member of for years no end of anti-Bush talk over the 700 billion dollar bailouts he signed last year, but NOT ONE of those people has said a single word in the forum about the current package, or the 'next legs on the stool' that Pres Obama has been mentioning lately. NO ONE. Why not? If Bush was wrong to sign for 700 billion a few months ago, why isn't Obama wrong now? Why were those people bashing Bush left and right but keeping mum about Obama? Could this be further proof of Bush Derangement Syndrome? Or could it be that people are quietly thinking "oh oh, what did we do?" and are too embarrassed to admit it. I hear people now saying 'Give the guy a chance'. Really? Then why didn't they give Bush a chance a few months ago? Was it Bush Derangement Syndrome because it didn't matter anymore what Bush said, people were going to oppose it?

I was reading on Michelle Malkin's blog today and there is some pretty interesting stuff to go through over there, in reference to BDR and also Rush Derangement Syndrome.

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