Thursday, February 12, 2009

How much is a trillion?

It seems to me, from talking to people around the net and in person, that no one really takes into account how much a trillion dollars really is. It's like we get used to hearing about millionaires and billionaires and become blank when it comes to picturing a TRILLION. Making 4 million dollars a film as an actor does not even come close to what a trillion dollars in govt spending means. Think about it, try counting to a million, then 4 million, then count to 10 million, 75 million, 100 million, 150 million,,, 300 million, 400 million, 600 million, da da da 750 million, 800 million, 900 million, 975 million, 999,999,999.... a trillion. HOLY CRAP. That is a massively huge amount of money. Money that in the US stimulus bill, would have to be paid back by taxpayers. If there is already a debt of 8-1o TRILLION, how are you going to pay that back, AND keep programs running, AND pay off new trillions being added. THINK about those numbers, and think about what is being done. Money does not magically fall from the sky obviously, so while people are hoping to catch a break with their mortgages or credit card debt, are you going to catch a break from taxes while trying to pay off this debt? oh my god... it is a ridiculous amount of money.

There are many news stories out there with scary titles, but they get called 'fear mongers'. Well I'm sorry but you SHOULD be afraid! Remember, the govt does not make money, it does not produce anything, it distributes money that comes from people's and business' tax dollars. I have read many times that the current plans set forth in less than a month of the new president exceed what Bush did in 8 years of govt spending.

Wall Street Journal Dow Jones table note the change total since May 2008.
True Bipartisanship Answer?? (thanks to the Mike Church show for that link)
* my personal point to note is that I first became interested in all of this while watching the Glenn Beck show on CNN in the spring of 2007. He has since mysteriously disappeared from his nightly spot on CNN, but I have to tell you that I listened to him ranting and raving for months back then and EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING he warned about has happened. He talked endlessly about mortgage problems and within half a year, it was on the news full tilt. He warned of Democrats wanting to put astronomical amounts of tax payer money in to 'save' everyone and it is obviously happening right now, a year and a half later. Maybe some of these talk show hosts seem extreme but as I added more and more of them to my listening list via Sirius Patriot Radio, all I see over and over are their 'rants' coming true. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything they were called 'fear mongers' or 'fanatics' for NOT coming true. So... take what you want from my personal experience but I go with the odds on this one folks.

** Update: I was informed by my 11 year old son that it takes 11 days to count to one million. So whip out your calculators and see how long it would take to count to one TRILLION. That should give you a better idea of how much money this is!

And don't forget Obama's own quote that this stimulus package is only 'the first leg of the stool'. I was thrilled that he said that during his Press Conference last week because I previously had blogged about Congressman Bachman stating on Mark Levin's radio show that Obama said this during the closed meeting with Republican congress and it highly concerned them. If anyone read that blog and thought that was a fibbie,,, well Obama himself used the exact same phrase on live television a week later. Gotta love that!

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