Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tsk Tsk Tsk

I heard about a little tax idea problem in Houston Texas while listening to Sirius satellite this morning, and eventually found THIS ARTICLE in the chronicle. It looks like since the city council's plan reached the media, and they were flooded with phone calls and letters from citizens expressing their concern, the Mayor went ahead and pulled the plan from tomorrow's meeting.

But I pose this to you - what would have happened if the media had not gotten wind of this, and news didn't spread like wildfire across the net and airwaves? Would the council have discussed this idea tomorrow? Would Houston residents have found out too late that their tax dollars were going to help pay off others' credit bills? Or would council have said tomorrow what they said today, AFTER receiving multi-thousands of complaints?

I guess we will never know, but it's just worth a pondering thought or two, isn't it? If it is so ridiculous and embarrassing like council members and the Mayor stated later on today, why did it even receive clearance to be on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting? ""White's decision to pull the idea from Wednesday's City Council agenda came after the proposal hit the national news media, the Houston Chronicle reported in its online edition Tuesday.""

Do you think this will be the first and last of these kinds of stories while people try using tax payer's money to help pay off credit debt?

Sorry, what was that stimulus bill about again?
Sidebar - did it not look like Nancy Pelosi was about to implode at one point during the president's speech tonight where he claimed yet again that there are no ear marks in the stimulus package and you could clearly hear some remarks of disapproval (aka disbelief) in the background? It was the only time I saw Nancy without a crazy grin on her face. It took her a couple of minutes to recover and rebuild her plastercine face back into some semblance of a smile (aka grimace). But the old gal managed to rein in her anger eventually and was back to leaping to her feet (much to the chagrin of poor VP Biden) at every pause in the president's speech. Poor Joe, I think he is going to need an extra smear of RubA535 after his aerobics class!

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