Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wind Turbines


I lived near the area of Pincher Creek for 3 years. The number of wind turbines has grown enormously, so much so that the area's views have been permanently changed. I am not sure how this is supposed to be environmentally friendly?? It baffles me. There are roads built all around these 'farms', wires and cables sprawling underground, not to mention the ENERGY used to build them, transport them, and run them. It's a strange concept to me. Sure I think we should always always always be looking for better ways to capture and store energy, but covering the countryside with giant wind mills just doesn't seem right. I would like to know how much power these things can make on a good day, how many would be needed to power a small town, and a large city. I have an awful time trying to find that very vital information. It's a bit strange since you can look at a car ad and know how much horsepower it has, how many miles to the gallon, etc - but not a clue on these wind turbines. Here are some photos of the Pincher Creek Alberta area where a lot of the testing has been going on (funded by Canada and America, if not other countries as well). Now imagine having these everywhere you look, covering NATURAL areas....

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if windmills are actually a clever, if ridiculously expensive, plot by Mercedes-Benz to hypnotize everyone into coveting one of those tri-pointed-star-badged vehicles...

    They really do make me think of Mercedes... and, btw, the Smart ForTwo? It's a Mercedes, actually, like a Mini Cooper is a BMW... and they're sold at my local M-B dealership, and are apparently very popular... always makes me chuckle when I see one, which is every day!



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