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Mike Church transcript

This is a transcript from the Mike Church show that is available free on his site right now, but I wanted to post it here in case it gets moved:

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: So why don’t we use Dear Leader from yesterday? Let’s just start at the top. Now, you have two Obama cuts. Let’s do the town hall meeting. I want to do the Obamabot – look, they’re showing it on CNN right now. Let’s just start at the top here. Let’s do digital media file – we already played 10A, so let’s pick it up at 10B here. This is at the – this is Dear Leader, Chairman Maobama, Franklin DelanObama, on the first leg of the Steel Teleprompter Tour.

[Clip] President Obama: What’s just as important is that we make sure we don’t find ourselves in this situation again, where taxpayers are on the hook for losses in bad times, and all the wealth generated in good times goes to those who are at the very top of the income ladder. That’s the kind of ethic we’ve had for too long.

Mike: What?

[Clip] President Obama:
That’s the kind of approach that led us into this mess. That is something we have to change if we’re truly going to turn our economy around and move this country forward. So I’m absolutely committed...

Mike: Stop the digital media file. Pause that. What did he say? You’ve got to back that up. I’ve got to hear that last 10 seconds just again for my own aggrandizement, for my own enrichment. Did he just say that we have got to stop creating wealthy people? And, now, think about this. Play it again because I want to – just go back up about 15 seconds of where you just stopped.

[Clip] President Obama: That’s the kind of ethic we’ve had for too long.

Mike: 25 seconds.

[Clip] President Obama: .....on the hook for losses in bad times, and all the wealth generated in good times goes to those who are at the very top of the income ladder. That’s the kind of ethic we’ve had for too long. That’s the kind of approach that led us into this mess.

Mike: Obamabots unite. He just said wealth is generated. And it goes to the people at the top of the income. This man’s a communist. He’s beyond Marxist. Where do you think the wealth should go? Any Obamabot out there, any of you Obama zombies want to explain that to me? Where should the wealth that’s generated go? Because most of what is called “wealth” that is generated is generated by people that had capital and put it at risk. They also could have piled up debt and could have gone broke. So the fact that wealth is generated and is kept by people that put the money up should not be a surprise. That’s the way it works. To turn that on its head is to say that wealth must not then be generated. Because people that are not wealthy by definition aren’t what? Wealthy. You’re not going to have any wealth.

“Well, Mike, how do you explain the little businessman that didn’t have much to start with, and then makes it big all of a sudden, he’s got all this money?” That’s because he had an innova- or she had an innovation. And they built it up, most of the times organically. I know this is – in 2009 this is hard to believe. But there are still opportunities out there, and you can create your own opportunity to create your own wealth. If you have saved capital, and you have a fantastic idea, and the marketplace is amenable to it, and people want it, willing to pay for it, are begging you to make it, and once you make it they can’t wait to get more of it and tell their friends about it, then you will find yourself being wealthy. You have created the wealth.

Wealth is not materialized by Barack Obama waving his magic “Puff the Magic Dragon” teleprompter wand. Wealth is generated by hard work, by ingenuity, by stick-to-it-iveness, by trying it first and not succeeding and going back and trying, trying again. It is not a criminal activity for wealthy people to have wealth. What is it that all of you out there that don’t have wealth, what is it that you aspire to? Why do you play lottery tickets? Why is the lottery such a great attraction to so many people? Why? Why? Is it because they want to remain poor? Is it because they want to remain middle class? They want to shop at Joe Biden’s Home Depot? Why do you buy lottery tickets? Because it’s an easy way to get what? Fill the blank in, Obamabots. Why does someone buy a lottery ticket? It is an easy method, if you’re successful, to attain what? Wealth.

All right. Let’s get back to Dear Leader because this is just beginning. You’re going to hear next that we must outlaw the practice of allowing companies to take risks. Now, if you outlaw that, well, then you have just repealed all of the market, all of market economics. And then only government, only the Small Business Administration, only ACORN, only the Environmental Protection Agency, whoever is chosen, will then determine winners and losers and would then determine what is risky and what is not risky. It is risk that mitigates profligate spending and foolish spending. It is the risk of actually having something to lose, especially when it’s your money, that makes people prudent, frugal, austere. Not according to Obama, though. Oh, no. We’ve got to eliminate risk. Let’s pick it up with digital media file #10C. About two minutes and 40 seconds in.

[Clip] President Obama:
And we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got regulations that don’t allow companies to take these huge risks that are so big that they can sort of hold us hostage. We can’t let them fail because they’d bring the entire banking system down and hurt a lot of innocent people. But on the other hand they act irresponsibly. We have to make sure we don’t put ourselves in that position. And I’m also committed to ensuring that, if we ever do have to intervene again to prevent a bankruptcy that could cause catastrophe for the whole financial system, then we have some of the tools that a bankruptcy judge has to help renegotiate contracts, to sell off insolvent parts of an institution, to protect the healthy parts, to protect depositors and creditors and other consumers.

Mike: Stop it. Just stop. I can’t take any – stop it. Yeah, because look at how well you guys are protecting creditors. Look at how well you’re protecting taxpayers, see AIG. I don’t even want to talk about that. He says “we,” meaning – meaning who? Who? Someone sitting inside the commerce department? And let me let you in on a little secret here. You’d better get back to cases when it comes to where you have your money deposited. And where you have it invested. You’d better get back to doing what’s known as due diligence. It is your responsibility, it is my responsibility to ask a bank, before I give them money to be deposited inside said bank, I want to see your reserve sheets. I want to know how you’re going to back this up, and don’t tell me the FDIC. I’m going to give you 250 grand. So the next 100,000 is on you. How are you going to guarantee my deposit? You see, the whole thing, though, is oh, no, everyone – someone else is responsible for you. And it just continues. Digital media file #10E. We’ve got to reward people for hard work. That’s right. Because people that are working hard and are making things, they’re not getting their fair share of what’s being earned by someone else. And we need to make that happen. Listen.

[Clip] President Obama: You remember that ad that they used to have out there that said, “We earn money the old-fashioned way; we earn it.” Well, we need to get back to that philosophy. Because that’s what all of you do. You’re out there earning a living, and we’ve got to reward people who are working hard. Not the bubble-and-bust economy we’ve experienced in recent years.

Mike: Stop the digital media, just stop it. Stop it. I want to ask you union workers a question. When you go to fill an application out at whatever industrial concern or whatever manufacturer is offering a job, there’s an ad in the paper, wherever it was you saw it, and you agree, and you go, and let’s say you get the job, and they tell you you’re going to make $21 an hour. Is someone holding a gun, is Tony Soprano holding your wife and your children hostages with a .45 caliber at their temple, forcing you to take that job? The answer, of course, is an unequivocal no. So then why did you decide to do it? And why is it that, after you take it, you whine, moan, and complain, and you go to Obama rallies, and then you cry into your milk that you’re not being rewarded for your hard work? You agreed to take the hard work. What is this business about not being rewarded? Hard work is its own reward. Many people just like to work hard. They don’t like to be sloth. They don’t like to lay around.

I mean, everything this guy says is the exact opposite of everything you know to be true. Everything your mother told you. Does he reward hard work? No, he punishes it. Because if you work too hard and make too much, why, we’re going to confiscate it from you. And if you don’t work too hard, and you stay home, and you collect unemployment, we’re going to give you a raise. And, and, we’re going to kick in some free healthcare, too. Oh ho ho, no, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for it, you get free college, too. And it just goes on and on and on.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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  1. Did he just say that we have got to stop creating wealthy people?

    No. Obama said we have to stop taking money from poor people to make the rich, super rich.

    Making wealthy people is a great idea. Kicking people off the ladder to wealth, to make those at the top even wealthier, is sinful.



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