Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oil Sands debate continues....

Medicine Hat News re Monte Solberg

National Geographic's recent feature on the Oil Sands

I do not claim to know anything about this because I read opposing ideas almost every day now. All I do know is that two family members (transplants from NB) and one friend work there and support the idea and the reclamations.

I also know that while reducing consumption of oil is probably a good idea, none of the people who push the idea hardest seem to understand that literally everything we use is based on oil in some way or another. So, what are the alternatives? I've read about ethanol being used for fuel (again keeping in mind that it is no where near ready for mass consumption, and is using food crops), but I have not read about ethanol being used in the creation of goods that currently use oil. Not sure on that score. I still rarely hear the loudest supporters (aka Celebs) practicing what they preach. But I might have actually found one finally, and she does deserve a mention. Darryl Hannah - I heard an audio clip of her the other day, saying we need to END our reliance on oil. At first I thought "oh please, here's another one living in a grand mansion and tipping around in her high heels while proclaiming Save The Planet". But I stand corrected, from what I could find in my quick research. It seems she lives largely off the land, somewhere in the Rockies. and lives in a restored old building with solar power and backup bio-diesel generator, etc etc. Okay - now THAT is someone who I won't cringe about while listening to her. I would however like to see fellow-celebs living the way she does if they are going to use the same words.

We (my bf and I) are always discussing ways that we can live off the land as much as possible if acreage prices around here finally get out of the extortionate range. His father bought an old farm house 20 years ago and spent his time restoring it, and we would love to do the same. We discuss different ideas for heating our home, partly because of the environment, and partly because of refusal to pay the utilities monopoly in our region. My bf knows how to make bio-diesel and with my father being a Forest Ranger for over 20 years, loving the land is pretty much born into me.... But Darryl Hannah's lifestyle is far from how so many others live while proclaiming their love for the environment. It's one thing to verbally support a Cause, it's quite another to actually live it.

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