Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random News

Since my brain is too tired to come up with anything of my own at this moment, here are some enlightening and interesting news stories for the day:

WH Fact Book for European trip "Slightly smaller than Oregon; a WH Briefing on the UK"

Dish Detergent Smugglers

Bailouts come at a Price, are you surprised?

I don't want an Egg McMuffin! I want a Big Mac NOW!

Is this considered an Executive Order?

Angie Harmon Fires Back "I am NOT a racist"

It's Spring, so the Worms are slithering about


  1. Since I don't have my own blog I would like to contribute the fact that it took Quebec five minutes to jump on Flaherty's silly promise to give Quebec compensation if they harmonized completely their sales tax. Of course Quebec did most of this ages ago, plus they want exactly the same amount as Ontario. I knew Flaherty shouldn't have said that. Alberta will be having kittens.

  2. I saw that earlier today (http://www.canada.com/Business/story.html?id=1445492) but do not know what it all means just yet. Alberta does not have Sales Tax but we give more per capita to the Feds through other taxes apparently, than any other province. I am not familiar enough with this particular idea to comment on it. I shall have to look into it.



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