Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Love It...

I love it when people assume that because I have a problem with the idea of man-made Global Warming,I am, instead, an earth hater. What they don't know is that I co-own/run my local chapter, and constantly give items away that others throw out. I also love going to garage sales instead of buying everything new (hit the jackpot with some books today), and have a basement literally full of recyclable goods waiting to be taken to the depot. I make my kids bring home their baggies from lunch boxes and re-use them, I took my own bags with me to the garage sale this morning, and I don't dump my cooking fat down the kitchen sink - I pour it into my recycled glass pasta sauce jars and when they are full, I throw them in the household garbage. I have my toilet set to use less water when flushing, the kids are trained to turn the taps off when brushing their teeth and lathering up with soap, etc etc etc. I am well aware that humans are covering the earth in waste, and using up precious water supplies. Having an issue with how Global Warming/Climate Change is being dealt with has NOTHING to do with that.

I am also always on the watch for hypocrites. For example, I was watching our Weather Channel on Earth Day when one of the presenters was talking about how her local store flyer only had 2 electric lawn mowers for sale, amongst many gas mowers. She went on about Global Warming and the planet, shaking her head and putting down people using such products that harm the environment. I started thinking about it more and wondered how she can say that when she is standing in a tv studio with cameras, lights, computers, giant screens, etc all gobbling up electricity, while wearing clothing and shoes that were constructed in one way or another using oil. The cameras, lights, computers, screens, etc were also created using oil in one form or another, let alone transported. And then I wondered if she drives to work. THAT is hypocritical to me. Complaining about mowing your lawn with a gas mower, while standing in a tv studio using up umpteen amounts of electrical energy from the Grid. Isn't that 'bad' as well? Why is there a big push for wind power electricity if the power for her workplace is not 'bad' for the environment? I also made a mental note that she rambled on about how she has 'heard' that manual mowers give a better cut anyway.... she HEARD this. Meaning, she does not and has not ever used a manual mower. Naughty naughty, don't you think? If she is trying to peddle manual mowers as a way to help save the environment, shouldn't she be using one too? Hmmm interesting.

And on another note, I watched some clips of Al Gore vs Newt Gangrich regarding Global Warming yesterday, and could not believe some of Gore's answers. Newt asked him about the great number of scientists who are challenging his team's findings, and Gore replied with a laugh "Well, there are people who still believe the Moon Landing was filmed in the desert". That was it. That's all he said. What kind of a pathetic, weak answer is that? He just insulted hundreds, if not over 1000 scientists, by calling them conspiracy theorists. He laughs at himself being called one, but is quick to point the finger at others, with no facts (at that moment anyway), to back himself up.

I have also heard a lot of people talking lately about how it's 'not fair' to have so many ultra-rich people when there are so many very poor. My brother said something to that effect last week too.... but why are so many of the loudest Liberals sickeningly rich? They could give away 75% of their income to millions of other families to help them out, and still be filthy rich themselves...... So why aren't they doing that? Sure they might donate 10-20% of their income to various charities, on top of the taxes they pay, but it's a drop in the bucket to how much they have left. Why do they proclaim unfairness in income bracket diversity while living in $4 million homes?? Seriously... WHY? I saw that Joe Biden and his wife gave over $1000 to charities last year, according to their income tax return, while their income was 2-3 hundred thousand... I gave over $500 when my income was less than $20,000. They earned more than 10 times what I do, but only gave 2-3 times as much. What does that say exactly? They did proclaim that they also volunteered a lot of their time, but does that not mean they are in effect charging for their services if they in response do not donate as much money? Hmmm... interesting.

Anyway my point is, there is a lot going on deep down that people need to start thinking about. They pass off capitalists or corporate people as being money-hungry evil doers that want to crush people under their shoes - but they themselves quite happily live the high life when the money they earn could literally save millions of people each year from being homeless, sick, jobless --- But I still see the loudest voices for Liberal issues being stinking rich. Madonna, Oprah, the Gores, Suzuki, Affleck, Damon, W Smith, Leno, Bono, The Edge (look up how he wants to obliterate the top of a hill with a gorgeous view and build 5 houses there right now)... how long is the list and how many multiple millions of dollars do these people spend on THEMSELVES every year? How much do their homes cost while people are living in cardboard boxes or under newspapers on a park bench? How much do their clothes and home furnishings cost when people are wearing rags and dying with a needle in their arm? Sure they start charities and donate a lot of money, but nowhere near what they actually spend on themselves each day, month, year. That is what makes me sick.

Gee, do they want to KEEP the money that they made? Do they feel they earned it and don't want it to be taken from them by force? Do they want to choose which charity to donate to and how much?

Of course they do. And personally I don't begrudge them their money. But if that is how they truly feel about their cash, why on earth do they support people who want to redistribute their money for them? Why do they support someone who has used words written by Karl Marx, who wanted to obliterate class diversity? Why do they shout from the rooftops that it is not fair people are starving, have no clean water, no jobs, no homes, and then retire to their multi-million dollar mansions, carrying $2000 handbags, and jet off on tropical holiday weekend getaways? It really makes no sense to me whatsoever.

We need to start thinking about the words coming out of their mouths and see what is really going on around us, around them, and see if it actually makes sense. They push regular earners to share their money and Adopt-A-Family, while they themselves could adopt 1000 families. They live a rather capitalist life themselves, but cry out about unfairness in the system. They shout that medical care should be universal, and then hop on a plane to another country for having their babies, or getting 'some work done'. They push that people should use re-washable toilet wipes instead of flushing tissue and then sue radio stations - wanting Royalties every time their song is played *coughSherylCrowecough*. Seriously, what the hell is all that about? A few million bucks is not enough to live on for those people, yet very few people call them out on this, instead just letting them ramble and shout for publicity. It's revolting, it really is.

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  1. Nice Post! I also shake my head at these things...



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