Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Changed My Mind

Upon further review of my thoughts and opinions, I have decided that I do believe man is causing Climate Change. I am going to vote Liberal at every upcoming election instead of my past belief in Conservatism. I feel much better now. I feel as though I really care for the people of this world and I will be doing the best thing for them by embracing a new perspective! I feel free! I am going to push for my city to be surrounded by windmills and solar panels, and those that cannot get power from it can rely on green fuel lamps and make their own candles. It's the only way to go! I am going to go grocery shopping on my bicycle and bring the kids on their bikes so I can strap loads to their backs as well. I AM going to save the planet from our CO2 emissions by designing a mask that will capture the air I expel. I must do this to help reduce the footprint I leave here for future generations. I am going to teach my children that ice ages have NOT happened in the past over regular periodic intervals, that is just a scientific booboo, we are creating an ice age NOW and we must stop it. I am going to live in a tent and eat berries and insects. I am going to weave my own clothing from grasses and bark strips (from dead trees only). I feel liberated!

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  1. LOL.. I love very, very subtle sarcasm.. the sort of thing that makes no one happy, but maybe makes everyone think a little bit..

    I think I'm going to start wearing corn husk shoes.

  2. How could I forget my shoes! Corn husks sound good, I shall try that. I also have to give up my computer and for-go my bloggin' because it is not conductive to saving the planet to be sitting here in front of a machine created and transported using fossil fuels, and I will give up my luxuries such as television and satellite radio. Every item created with the earth's blood. I guess that means I can't live in a tent either, I will just have to build my own with dead-fall and rotting leaves. But I shall survive!

  3. Don't you know lefties do not "get" sarcarm? You have to put a disclaimer on top saying "the following post contains sarcasm" otherwise the lefties think you're serious and start reserving the tent next to them. They think they are so ultimately right (as in "correct") that they can not enven conceive someone may be pulling their leg on this subject.

  4. But what if I am being serious!!!!


  5. Nobody can go from Harper to Suzuki in so little time. You MUST be kidding!

  6. lol :) Suzuki doesn't even live in a bark tent so he doesn't exactly follow the road he preaches either. I grew up really enjoying his Nature of Things program... but I could only see it via my electricity-gobbling television set. Gotta love double-standards :)

  7. And i will be wearing my beany hat with a propeller on front & back.I have already taught my kids not to eat yellow snow or eat brown donuts that appear on our front lawn every day.I am happy also--lets all sing la,la,la suzuki,,la,la,la he,s spooky,la,la,la,he likes bugs,,and la,la,la he bugs lets sing kumbuy ya .I hope you get my drift.I love the earth more today than yesterday pass it on.Does anyone know if i can turn on the light in my closet during earth hour-day-week whatever??

  8. aww crap treb, you missed Earth Hour! Now you have to wait til next year to Save the Planet *sigh* what are we gonna do with you??



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