Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Random Greenings

To celebrate Earth Day, I had some random thoughts... Last night on Twitter, a celeb that I follow posted her excitement that Sun Chips is now offering a compostable bag. She called for the Twitterverse to Go Green..... I'm sorry but I still find all of that talk laughable. Why? Because anyone who got her message, including me, was using an electronic device to read it. Computer, cell phone... using electricity, made with petroleum products, decidedly UN-green while passing messages back and forth to millions of people (using millions of computers and iphones), and shouting Go Green... does that even make sense at all? It's like it's okay to use your computer and burn up precious energy while emitting so-called greenhouse gases and depleting reserves, if you go out and buy a compostable bag of Sun Chips. Meanwhile of course, you probably drive your car to get there (she drives a Mercedes by the way), and the Sun Chips got on the store shelves after a big stinky truck drove them there. Do you follow me here? It is just plain LAUGHABLE. It really is.

I also saw something interesting in my Canadian Tire flyer this week (it's a store, for you foreigners lol)... a 400 watt solar and/or wind power module that was on sale for $700, but you also have to buy the converter and the storage battery for over $500, and some other thingy for about $150... 400 watts? Whoopie. I can run a few lightbulbs on that or charge my camping trailer battery I guess... but anyway, on the very next page was a 1600 watt Electric BBQ on sale for $150. I just thought it was humorous in the Earth Week flyer to have so many electric devices. A whole page of electric lawn mowers also immediately followed the Solar Panel sale page. It is such a gimmick at this time for a store to put GO GREEN on the front page, and then fill the rest of the pages with electric devices - and don't forget all the gasoline powered lawn mowers that were on sale as well, let alone the power tools. It really is ridiculous. Canadian Tire cares! So come buy a solar panel kit for $1000 and then pick up a mower and a BBQ that the panel can't even run because it's not even close to running your toaster let alone anything else reliably. Awesome!

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