Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Warming Theories Thrown Into Question??

links via Mike Church

""As shocking as this news is to oceanographers it is even worse for climate modelers—it means that all the current climate prediction models are significantly wrong.""
""A new report by Amy Bower of Wood’s Hole and Susan Lozier of Duke University et al., to be published in a forthcoming issue of Nature, has rocked the climate community's complacency.""
-Conveyor Belt Model Broken

Or check out Sun Heats Earth by Hans Schreuder, Analytical Chemist from Darsham, England (pdf file) [ Here is another link that's not pdf]

My question is, with more and more of these types of articles and reports coming every day, why are countries deciding to force their citizens to conform to unproven and disproven theories?

Oh and yet another of our energy efficient bulbs blew today, in just under a year. All 3 lights in the bathroom burnt out within the past couple of months so it is now happily lit by the old style bulbs again. I spoke to my mother-in-law on Saturday, who bought her home less than 2 years ago and put those new bulbs in EVERY socket. She has NONE left now aside from a few desk lamps that she does not use very often. The rest have all burnt out and been replaced by the old bulbs. In case anyone is interested, like in the past suggesting I purchased cheap-o versions, this was a General Electric 10W Helical, made in China btw.


  1. Nobody seems to know whats going on, even in the short term. I had to laugh at the vagueness of an article on yahoo about another possible cold summer

    David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada: "There a GENERAL FEELING (emphasis mine) out there that we deserve a good summer"

    "It looks that the models are SUGGESTING at least at this time that MAYBE what nature has in store."

    Christ they can't even say with certainty what the next 3 months temperatures will be like, and they expect us to believe their computer models for the next century?

  2. lol that's pretty much what my boyfriend said while looking out the window one day at weather that was the total opposite of what the Weather Network had forecasted the evening before. If they still can't adequately predict normal every day weather, how are we supposed to fall to our knees over man-made Climate Change, Global Warming, or whatever we are supposed to call it now?

    My main concern is that we are being forced to change our ways. The US is supposed to enforce a 35.5mpg fuel rule for new cars and trucks, from what I understand on the news today, while claiming GW/CC reasons - but those reasons are unproven! Or forcing us to change to those new energy efficient light bulbs amidst worries of mercury, higher use of heating in homes since the bulbs aren't as hot as the old styles (hence, not saving any energy anyway but costing us 30+ times more to purchase them), and the darn things don't seem to work like they are supposed to. Or Cap and Trade smashing businesses into the ground and increasing product prices for consumers. Naming the air we exhale a pollutant. The list goes on and I am so frustrated that we seem to have no choices right now. I would move - but no where else seems much better at the moment!

  3. As many respondents to the anti-AGW blog sites have pointed out...this is not about global warming or climate change.
    What started out as a theory proposed by a few climatologists has been highjacked by special agenda groups to further their own ends.
    Among them are the apologists for the western democracies who have latched onto this theory as a means at worldwide social leveling through the transfer of massive amounts of money from the successful states to to the failed states.
    The second group is made up of politicians and their inherent bureaucracies who view the global warming panic as a means to elicit more tax revenue from the populace while, at the same time, gaining greater control over the free market functions through increasing regulation.
    The third group is the world government crowd that seizes on the paranoia of the masses as a method for promoting societal control under the auspices of organizations such as the UN. The aim, of course, having more to do with increasing the prestige and power of the mandarins who influence these internationalist bodies than it does with any non-existent AGW.
    The fourth group, which operates as the propaganda arm for all the above, is the media which secures a larger audience in promoting fear and uncertainty than it does in telling the truth about this agenda driven fraud.

  4. I agree and can only hope that the same tools they are using, such as media, will also work against them. The information is out there for people to find, and they do look. Even people I know that for the past several years have been on the GW bandwagon are turning. In the past I don't think they put much thought into how this would directly affect their lives, and now that it is, they are looking for answers and finding a TON of information. And they are angry. I give them a bit of credit for starting to think for themselves now, but at the same time it angers me that they did not think about it in the past. It angers me that people jump so blindly onto a bandwagon and then cry foul when the ideas they supported turn against them.

  5. Hey Kez you have hit the nail on the head on the GW bit. I too admit I drank the kool-aid at first, but have sense seen the light! (no pun intended..lol) For what it is worth the disposing of the CF bulbs are very expensive to get rid of, and people just throw them away instead of the proper disposal means. So LED lights are worth taking a look at, but I do admit they are quite costly now. Being an early adopter has its price, but give it some time they will come down, and they are heads and shoulders above the CF'S.



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