Monday, May 11, 2009

tsk tsk Wanda Sykes

Media Bias? I would say so, but more than just the media. Wanda Sykes (who???) made some rather off-color and down-right hateful comments during the supposed "Correspondent's Association" Dinner at the White House last night. By the way, why is it called a Correspondent's Dinner when it was chalk-full of celebrities?? Even Don Lemon of CNN made a comment about that, which surprised me. But anyway, who the hell is Wanda Sykes? I actually liked the woman until I saw these clips. In fact, at the exact same time this gala was occurring, I was watching her on Monster In Law with Jane Fonda and J-Lo... I even commented that she 'made that movie' with her wise cracks. I laughed at almost everything she did and said the entire movie. Now.... I feel let down for some reason. She commented, among other things, that maybe Rush Limbaugh's kidneys should fail (after alluding that he was the 20th hijacker of 9/11, and making reference to his past addiction to prescription medication which has indeed led to his kidney problems). Anyway - this was not just poking fun at the President's dog, or even Bush's 'failed policies',,, it was a hateful remark directed at one individual who was not there to defend himself, and pretty much bold-face stating she hopes he dies. Wow.

Now - where are the media watch dogs for this? Others have made far less serious remarks and been dragged through the mud (Don Imus calling female basketball players 'nappy-headed hos' for example). Is it less serious? Certainly it was racially oriented but then again, one of my friends calls her son's hair 'nappy-headed' all the time. So maybe it was because he called them ho's? Hmmm... well anyway he did not wish them death and kidney failure or suggest they were terrorists did he? But there is Wanda, up on the stage saying this about Limbaugh and people were laughing it up. Why is it okay for her, a black lesbian comedian actress to say things like that, but not for an old crusty white guy radio host? I'm just wondering because I can't figure it out myself. Sykes even made a rather racial comment to the President himself, suggesting that he will be called the First Black President as long as he does well, but will be called "that half-white guy" if he doesn't. Can a white person get away with saying things like that? Why not? Some end up fired. But this woman gets applause and media coverage. To give a tiny wee bit of credit, Obama did look rather uncomfortable during some of her remarks, but he still smiled, laughed, and clapped along with everyone else.

And again, I will repeat CNN Anchor Don Lemon's words "Why were so many celebrities at a CORRESPONDENT's dinner anyway?".

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