Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post-Holiday Random Musings...

On our 3 day trip through the Rockies (Banff National Park, and the David Thompson area near the Saskatchewan River Crossing), we noticed some interesting things. First off - holy CRAP there was still a lot of snow up there. Mountain after mountain was heavily snow-covered compared to this time last year when we went through, with many peaks looking like they were going to dump it all down into the valleys at once.

But the most interesting thing was visiting two Glaciers and discovering that their receding/melting has DECREASED over the past several years.... WHAT? how could this be? I thought we were being bombarded with the news that glaciers are melting faster than ever before, receding, disappearing, etc etc etc... but no! Actually, the ones around the Columbia Icefield have SLOWED. Crowfoot Glacier at Bow Lake and Crowfoot Mountain was a good example. Even the tourist information signs told us that it may be slowing... Click photo to enlarge and read print on lower left side.

Anyway we had earlier noted that the Athabasca Glacier may appear to be shockingly melted at first, but if you look at each marker they set out, it melted a LOT more between 1890 and 1945 than it did between 1945 and today. What's this? It melted more BEFORE automobiles were in such great abundance? What's this? It melted more BEFORE there were semi-trucks belching fumes around the planet? BEFORE heavy oil and gas production and refineries popped up? Wow... that's pretty interesting, don't you think?

All you have to do is look around... take mental note of things, use your senses, your brain, your thought-powers, and your eyes. Go to a website such as the Dinosaur Provincial Park one in Southern Alberta and look at the history of the prairies. You will see several mentions of melting and freezing going on over the past several hundred thousand or millions of years. A repeated cycle, over and over, WELL BEFORE humans even inhabited this planet, let alone industrialized anything. Think about it, if the earth has done this countless times in the past, why are we suddenly at fault this time? If the climate is changing, and has done countless times over earth's existence, why is it OUR fault this time? I don't get that... They say the melting is speeding up, trying to tell us it is happening faster than any time in the past and THAT'S why it's our fault,,, yet I go up to climb around on some Glaciers and find differing info right there in front of my face. Why is that?

Why are humans being targeted as causing the planet's cooling and/or heating (whichever it is they are going with this week) when it's happened over and over and OVER in the past? Just ask yourself that ONE question and see if man-made Global Warming/Climate Change makes sense... then think about all the commercials, news broadcasts, documentaries, etc you have seen over the past 10-20 years showing melting glaciers and remember that it was happening BEFORE man started driving around in cars.

THEN I want you to watch the short video on this previous post again and ask yourself if these proposals are worth it, when we obviously have no idea how much impact man is having on 'climate change', if any.................. OBAMA'S SKYROCKETING UTILITIES PLAN
Another random musing, unrelated to GW/CC -- I was watching a program the other day where a woman was talking about when she got sick (US) and ended up with a $50,000 medical bill even after her insurance coverage. I was watching her walk around in her huge house, and then she went outside where I saw a new Denali and another large vehicle that looked like a Ford Expedition. All I could think about the whole time was "Why does this woman think it's okay to spend $40-60,000 on a new vehicle to drive around, but she doesn't think it's okay to spend 50 grand on her own life? Her own health?". That truly baffled me. I realize that many families have high bills and don't drive around a Denali or live in a huge house, BUT many of them do and it just baffles me. How much is your life worth to you? Why think it's okay to spend $1000+ a month on a mortgage that will end up costing you 3 times the home's original price tag, or drop $30 grand on a car, but not want to drop 30 grand on their own health? Unbelieveable....

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