Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trash Talk

A friend of our's had a very interesting conversation with a clerk at the City Utilities Dept last week that I wanted to share with you -- it is in regards to the new trash bins everyone is going to get, along with a new automated truck system. Even if you don't care about garbage cans, the words spoken by the clerk are important to keep in mind for any of these issues, straight through to provincial, state, and federal govts. I believe it shows the mindset a lot (most?) of those people are in and it is WRONG.

Our friend does not want the bin. He has put his trash in the special enclosure he had to build years ago in the back alley. Take your garbage out there whenever it's full and just leave it. Tada - all done. But now we have to wheel these bins out and put them on the road on garbage day, making sure of proper clearance on all sides (so no one can park in front of their own house on garbage day unless they have a wide property frontage), and then hoping our lovely winds don't take them on a merry trip down the road because we only get one and if we lose it, we have to buy another one from the city, etc etc etc.... kinda hard to bring the bin back in while you are at work but apparently we are supposed to figure that out.

Okay fine, but our friend phoned the city about it (he got a letter saying he had to go PICK UP his bin - how are people with small cars or those that don't/can't drive supposed to get their bins I wonder???) and he phoned to say he doesn't want the bin. The usual story was told to him about how this program is starting this fall, he has to use the bin, there is no other way his garbage will be picked up, etc etc etc. He still said he doesn't want it and since he is the one paying for it, he should be able to refuse it. She said "WE bought this bin sir". Oh really? He, admittedly in a very angry tone, said "How do you figure that?"... she responded "WE bought this bin. The City bought all the bins". He was quick to correct her that the City bought the bins with TAX PAYERS money (property taxes, etc) and that no, the city did not buy (pay for) the bins, the people did. The clerk's tone was one of 'we bought these for you, you should be thankful' - and I think that attitude sounds very familiar.

The govt keeps saying 'they' will pay for these programs. The govts don't make money (unless you count interest I suppose, or any money made by investments - but even then the interest is actually accumulating on money that taxpayers were forced to give them so they would not make 5 cents without it). The City says the same thing, the Province says the same thing, the s Feds say the same thing = "We bought it", "We paid for", and they don't mean you and me - they mean themselves. That is categorically untrue. They signed the deal, they scribbled on and typed up the paperwork, but they did NOT pay for it. But they like to take the credit.

I just thought it was a good example of the mentality that seems to spread through each level of govt from municipal up to the top. I thought the govt was supposed to reflect the people's wishes? Be representative of their people? But constantly they are doing things they deem 'in our best interests' without consulting us or even giving us a chance or a say in the matter. Sure, they might host a meeting here and there and then claim that the public did not show up to speak their dissent so they assumed most people were on board - but you know as well as I do that people don't even bother anymore because they know that their voices will be ignored. Things will still go ahead as planned by the officials whether you attend the meeting or not. Look at the Town Hall meetings in the US. From what I have seen, the majority of people at these meetings do not want the Health Care reform to be done in this current manner, but they have been told outright and directly that their own officials are going to pass this no matter what their people say. What? Even if the people are wrong and the funding should move ahead as planned, it's supposed to BE about what the people want. Not what the govt decides they want... isn't it? And as time goes by and people start calling to complain, they will hear the words "We paid for it" coming through the line and it won't just be about a garbage can anymore, it will be about everything. In many cases, it already is. If your representative is supposed to vote on issues based on your thoughts, people in your community, why are we not being asked about things like this? Why when thousands show up at every town hall meeting (usually 50-300+% more people attending than normal) to express concern, why are they told that it IS going to go through. What is that all about? And why does the govt think this is their money? Why do they say "We paid for it" when you say you don't want something? Perhaps they don't want to admit outloud that really YOU paid for it and they took it and did something with it that you did not approve, so they don't want to admit that they stole your hard earned cash? Hmmm... what do you think?


  1. I hate to say it, yet just watch the Canadian government not take a stand against Global Warming/Climate Change in a few months. It will probably be just like the LIEberals in Kyoto - raising taxes of some kind to give to China and India - who by-the-way will not do anything to fight pollution.

    Sad, but I hope I am wrong. I dare any politician to stand up and state that there is no man-made Global Warming but is nothing but a money grab. That political party would probably get my vote.

  2. I won't hold my breath for someone to take a stand, or to at the very least stand up and show everyone the conflicting 'evidence' that is out there. I always hold out hope, but I don't risk my life by holding my breath :)

    Last week we had extremely hot weather for a few days and I just knew it was going to bring GW people out in full force -- I listened to people actually state that they had lived in this city for 22 years and 'never' knew it to be this hot before (it was 38C one day). I freaked out and said "THAT'S BALONEY!!! We broke a record, but only by 0.5 degrees." The person looked at me in shock and I went on to ask if she had heard the term 'Indian Summer' which I remember as a child when people were referring to warm weather in the fall (pointing out it is not even Fall yet). She indeed remembered and we talked about memories of Back To School when it was super hot out and everyone got to wear shorts.

    Then I hopped on the computer and looked up the term, finding that the first known use was in 1774 and it was for unseasonably warm weather passed the autumn equinox (so late Sept, and into October). I also found that many other countries/regions have other names for those warmer times, dating back even further.

    So I made my point with her that it is not man-made Global Warming rearing it's head in early September - it's weather and seasons and they have been changing throughout earth's history - well before man started on it's 'industrial revolution', and indeed before man even walked the planet. But that is only one person that I managed to speak with, and she was willing to listen. How many others out there refuse to listen and brand you as an earth-killing human-hating imbecile? It's ridiculous.

    I often wonder what geologists think of this, as they unearth new layers of the planet and discover huge ranges in temperature dating back thousands of years? Maybe some of them need to stand up and make their voices heard loud and clear?? When I was at the Columbia Icefield in the rockies in June, I noticed right away that the melting of the glacier was a lot faster in the late 1800s than it is now. But yet, we get blamed for glacial melting... it's really bizarre when you can look at a well known place like that and follow the Melt Markers and see right before your eyes how it has actually SLOWED there in the past 20-30 years instead of speeding up.....

  3. Good post Kez.. basically another example of the general ethos that is so pervasive in government where they will do whatever assine thing that suits them, because, well,

    "It's not my money."



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