Thursday, November 12, 2009

Larry King/Campbell Brown/Al Gore

So I was just watching Campbell Brown's No Bias No Bull on the news and she had a segment making fun of Carrie Prejean's appearance on Larry King Live. Carrie told Larry he was being inappropriate over some questions he asked her, and in another part she started to take off her microphone because the agreement was to not take any phone calls, but Larry King suddenly went to take a caller (i'll see if I can find a link for this later). Brown said something like 'if you make a sex tape, you don't have the right to call anyone inappropriate' and then she had a little laugh and was highly sarcastic.

Five seconds later, tonight's Larry King Live started with Al Gore as his guest. What? No mention from Campbell about what happened a month ago when a journalist was asking Gore about polar bears and global warming - when suddenly the journalist was swarmed and his microphone was eventually turned off? After Gore refused to answer and instead posed another question back repeatedly. Where is Campbell with her sarcasm and rolling eyes on this Larry King Live guest??

It really is quite pathetic. I swear every show on CNN/HLN is an Op Ed stint even though many of them have made disparaging comments about the 'conservative blogosphere'. How are their programs any different from Op Ed pieces in newspapers or on blogs?

Al Gore and journalist Phelim McAleer:

Thanks to for the vid link.
Here is a link to the CNN clip of Prejean on Larry King Live. On Campbell Brown tonight, it was reported that part of the agreement of being on the show was Carrie NOT taking phone calls but I can't confirm that right now.


  1. What goes around comes around. Do you think no one is out digging up dirt on Campbell Brown and she will get bit on the a$$ down the road.I really hope so.

    Rob C

  2. LOL! Immediately after seeing the program, I turned to my bf and said "ooooooooo that girl better not have ANY skeletons in her closet or they'll be coming out right about now" ;)



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