Wednesday, November 18, 2009


There has been a lot of talk about the apparent errors on listing stimulus money and jobs saved/created in congressional districts that do not actually exist. I have also heard responses such as 'it was human error' and the whole thing was passed off as not meaning anything. Okay fine, there is always human error when entering data into a computer system (ever had an argument with a bank or bill payee? and they chant 'But the Computer Says.....' until you scream?). But you should also think about how democrats would have reacted if this happened under a republican president. Would they just say 'oh it's human error, it's okay' and go on about their business? Doubtful!!! I just thought it wa funny because the heading of the webpage listing 'where the money is going' is actually called Transparency, yet it apparently incorrectly lists where over 6.4 Billion dollars was spent - in 440 districts that do not actually exist. Some have called it 'kinks in the system', which does happen, but shouldn't someone have fact-checked the info before it went on the site? Surely with the millions spent on creating and upkeeping the site, someone could hire a fact checker lol. But the WH response was that typos and code errors do not undermine the information.

Well the point of the website was for the American public to be able to click at any time to see where every dime was spent (according to the president himself) - but that is not happening. Instead they are NOT finding out where billions of dollars were spent. Is it that big a deal or should it be swept under the rug? Just remember that these are the people who say they can organize your health care and do it ELECTRONICALLY because that is much more fast and effiecient. Hmmm. With typos and code errors plus the ever-present human error entering info in the first place - is it going to be the god-send that everyone is hoping for? That's just something to think about.

In other news, I watched a clip last week of Jon Steward (Daily Show) poking fun at people who are constantly talking about the size of the health care bills. He laughed and jokes about it being 800 pages, 1000 pages, 1600 pages, how much it weighed, etc. He seemed to be joking that it didn't matter how big the darn thing was - but I also noted that a lot of his vids were taken out of context. Especially at the beginning when a 1000 page document was released only hours before a vote was to take place. So yes, the size of the document WAS very important because how on earth was someone supposed to take time to read the whole document in time to vote accordingly? If I gave him a 1000 page script 4 hours before his program and said he needed to know every detail inside, he would laugh in my face. So why was he laughing at the senators and congressmen who were complaining about the health care bill? Seriously Jon... you think your viewers are THAT stupid??

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