Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pelosi is Such a Doll

As in, a scary doll rather like Chucky.

I heard about her CSPAN/Obama comments from several sources yesterday but actually got to see all the clips on the Sean Hannity Show (Fox News).

Maybe you don't care but I think it's worth noting that the president did not just say once or twice in passing that he would put the Health Care talks on C-SPAN, he said it repeatedly and it was part of his campaign trail speeches. I saw a clip on Hannity that gathered 8 different times in 8 different places where he spoke virtually the same sentence (showing that it was definitely part of his speech, not just an offhand, not 'thought-through' comment). So now someone asked about it, asking Pelosi and her response is that 'he said a lot of things on the campaign trail'.

Huh? So what does that mean Nancy dawling, does that mean 'he said lots of things but he was talking out of his arse?', or does that mean 'oh i had no idea he said that so now I'm going to pretend it doesn't matter', or is she trying to say that he said lots of things so they shouldn't jump on 'one little thing'? OR did she mean 'i don't give a flying crap what he said on the campaign trail, cos I hold one of his puppet strings and it only matters what I say"? Hmmm

Anyway here is the clip of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, having a good old giggle about Obama's PROMISE to put the health care debate on CSPAN (about half way through the short clip)

Now here is a smash-up of clips with Obama not just saying it would be on CSPAN, but explaining WHY it would be, making a lot of sense, sounding like he thought it was important - but it hasn't happened yet.

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