Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Power Of Govt Compels You, The Power Of Govt Compels You....

Getting out your holy water?

I was just listening to the Mark Levin show on Sirius Patriot 144, and he said something that many of the 'talk radio mafia' have been talking about for ages -- (as close to verbatim as my brain allows): 'The government is compelling citizens to purchase a product [healthcare insurance]. It is the first time in American history that the federal government has compelled it's citizens to purchase a product'.

I think that is something to think about. We are not 'compeled' to be on or purchase our Provincial health care insurance plans - if we do not produce a plan # in a certain number of time (3 months last time I checked), we will get sent a bill. We are not threatened with jail time or fines (as far as I know) for not purchasing or signing onto our provincial plans. We are just told if we use the service but do not have a plan #, we have to pay the bill for the SERVICE that was provided. However, in the US now (or when this part actually goes into effect), if the citizens do not have some sort of insurance plan, they will be fined. That is even without necessarily using a service. Is that right? Should they be able to do that?

When I moved to BC, I ended up having to go to a doctor before my new BC health care number was assigned to me, and I was told I had 3 months to give it to them. When I moved back to Alberta, I reinstated my old number right away but I was not threatened. Now, when there was a problem with my premium and I did not pay for a few months (they did not remove my ex right away so I did not pay $66, I paid $33), I got a rather threatening letter stating I had to appear in court in 30 days if the matter was not resolved before then - but it got sorted out. And I had chosen to sign onto the agreement, and in their eyes I did not pay for my portion so they were not compeling me to HAVE the insurance, they were compeling me to pay what I owed after I CHOSE to sign on. And, it is not the Canadian federal govt who is sending me the letters, it is the province. So, is it right in the US that the federal govt can now fine a person for not purchasing a health care plan? Is that supposed to be allowed under their constitution??

In my opinion, the people who oppose this plan are not 'haters' or penny-pinchers - they recognize that the federal govt should not be allowed to do this, and if they are, what's next? When and where do they stop?

Mark Levin also brought up car insurance. He said something like 'And don't try to tell me that the govt compels you to have car insurance, because the govt does not COMPEL you to buy a car. If you CHOOSE to buy a car, then you have the responsibility that goes along with that such as paying for insurance and registration. Healthcare insurance is being COMPELED now by the fed govt. For every citizen in the United States. Is that right?

We are not compeled to buy homes, cars, or even compeled to pay for healthcare. It's still my choice if I go to the doc, my choice to have treatment for cancer or not, my choice to ask for pain medication for a debilitating disease - same as in the US. So if the fed govt cannot COMPEL you to see a doctor, why is it that suddenly they can COMPEL you to purchase insurance (a product).

There is also a lot of talk about how many democrats have been saying in their speeches and interviews that 'healthcare is a RIGHT'. The constitution does not say that anywhere - so if they are wanting to change it and make it a 'right', they need 2/3 of the Yea votes first {that is - 2/3 of the senate AND 2/3 of the House AND 2/3 of the States before they can amend the constitution - Article 5), and THEN maybe they can go ahead with their healthcare bill AFTER that?? So why is this slipping through the cracks with the healthcare bill going through first, a bill that COMPELS citizens of the United States to purchase a product? How is that even possible? THAT is what a lot of people are angry about. It's not necessarily the idea of reform, or the way they want to reform things - its HOW THIS IS HAPPENING. It's HOW the govt has been able to pull this off, to the applause of millions of people?

Like in Star Wars Episode 3 (that Mike Church likes to play clips of on his radio program)... Palpatine/The Emporer takes the stand and shouts that they are creating The First Galactic Empire,,,, and meanwhile Senator Amidala (luke and leia's mommy) states:

This Is How Liberty Dies... With Thunderous Applause


  1. Obama is a Marxist, The Democrat party was taken over by the progressive American caucus and the congressional Black caucus both have close ties to the communist party.(same as the Liberals in Canada, but Canada was much sooner because Trudeau welcomed and worked with the communists as Obama is now doing in the USA)
    The constitution of the USA is designed to prohibit exactly this type of power grab, it also states all bills must pass through BOTH houses before being signed, President panty waist and his Congress of Communists circumvented the constitution to force this on a population that does not want it, it is against everything the US Constitution stands for.
    Come Nov IF the USA gets to vote the Dems are history and Obama is a lame waiting to be impeached panty waist Marxist President.
    Traitors every last one of them.

  2. Black on green is hard to read. Long message lost on readers,

  3. L- could it be your screen settings? The black only appears on the lightest green 'paper' on my screen. When I was using white or cream, I had people say it was too glaring on their eyes so I switched to black. But if your screen is sized differently, perhaps the darker greens are close to the writing? I'm not sure but it looks fine and sharp on both of my computers.

    Anyone else? Let me know!



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