Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Carlin

I've heard bits of this before but thought it was definitely time to post it on the blog in honour of George Carlin and Earth Day.

** Language Warning! **

via Mark Levin and the Washington Examiner
On a side note, it makes me think of the 'green bins' my city has on offer for people who want to place grass cuttings, leaves, etc in a recycle bin that will be picked up like our other garbage (special bin, special truck). The bins will not be available until next week or the first week of May, even though most people have already been working on their spring cleanup to get their lawns and gardens ready for planting/greening.... There is a letter to the editor from an older lady who was ticked off because she called the City to ask about it since she has 25 bags of grass waiting to go and they told her that she could just chuck it out in her regular bin or get someone to haul it to the dump for her, if she is so bothered by the bags sitting around.

Throw it out with the REGULAR garbage? Are you kidding? I thought we were supposed to be Going Green(er) and the city was leading the parade by offering this service... so why is someone at City Hall telling this woman to chuck her grass cuttings out with the regular garbage?

Also, it was advertised that the bins would be 'free' and not add to our bills, but she found out in one of her phone calls that NEXT year they will tack on a monthly charge. That's interesting too since we only have about 6 months of the year that we would have grass and leaves to put out - but the charge is 12 months a year. In the meantime though, since the bins are not ready for delivery yet, just chuck out that nice composte material with the regular trash. City Hall says it's okay :)

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  1. I can't believe I got into an argument with my Montreal garbageperson today. I have learned from experience that they won't take anything that looks like a box because it is supposed to be for recycling. But the recycling people won't take anything that is a dirty box or has anything extra inside. So today I happened to be there when the ordinary garbage people went by and sure enough he didn't take the mixed boxes. I picked up one set and practically thrust it into his arms and said the recycling people won't take it. He was really peeved that I would dare give him extra work, I guess.



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