Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Close To Home

My cousin Rob is leaving for Afghanistan in a few hours. I send prayers to him and the rest of his troop, and everyone else serving over there.

My mom's cousin, Sgt Robert Short was one of the first Canadian soldiers killed in this conflict (along with a fellow soldier in the same incident). So it's been on my mind since now my own 'cousin Rob' is going over. He believes in his work, and I support him in it. He could have left the military years ago but has been in for about 20 now so he is not a fresh soldier heading into unknown territory. My thoughts will be with him and I hope he will return safely to his family in December.


  1. Prayers to your cousin and his family, and to you.

  2. I hope his tour of duty is successful and without great incident. (real conservative)



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