Monday, April 26, 2010

Isn't It Ironic....

I got this letter from my 7 year old daughter's school last week and meant to post it but forgot (duh!).

A bit ironic considering recent remarks I have made on other blogs...

"April 15 2010

To The Parent(s) of ****** ******* 2A

Alberta Education is conducting a file review of all the student records in Alberta schools.

Upon checking your child's file, we see that their is no copy of their birth certificate. This is a requirement from AB Ed, so would you please bring in your child's birth certificate as soon as possible so we may take a copy of it for our file.

Thank you.

School Principal"
Point to note: I had given a copy of her birth certificate when she entered kindergarten, as well as a letter from her father stating that she resides with me and he approves of my decision to put her in that school. The school lost it over the past couple of years obviously. No biggie, I took her b/c in the next morning, they photocopied it, and handed it back. The secretary said "Now I can take you off the black list" (joking).

I just think it's funny considering other topics that have been going on for 2 years considering the b/c for a high political figure. If a child, who has the right to an education, has to provide a certificate of birth and other documents proving they are eligible for said-education, what's the story with a job, that someone does not have the 'right' to, not having to provide said-information? Just askin'......

I don't know what would happen if I kept my child in school for years and always refused to bring in her b/c... I don't know if the school board could turn around and say she can't attend until I show some proof of birth or custody, but it is still listed as a 'requirement' and as a good citizen, I don't test my theory, I just hand over the teeny piece of paper and be done with it. So why the big deal from someone else over the same issue? Just askin....

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  1. I was told years ago that the bureaucratic harrassment of 'whites' and 'real Canadians' was to get them used to the idea of multi-culturalism and world government eg. the idea of no inherent rights due to place of birth, residency or seniority. It is disingenious and corrupt and even illegal. (real conservative)



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