Thursday, April 29, 2010

What's the Carbon Footprint on this .....

.... Al and Tipper Gore purchase $8,875,000 estate in Cali

... just askin'


  1. Yeah, I read this today. Something like 9 washrooms? Why the hell does somebody need 9 washrooms? (real conservative)

  2. When someone is as "full of $#it" as fat Al it is probably a good idea to have lots of bathrooms.

    Rob C

  3. Six fireplaces to spew out all that CO2? Tisk, Tisk Gore, naughty boy.

  4. When you are as greasy as Gore you need to wash a lot!

  5. How does he get from one house to the other?

  6. Have no fear. After all, Global Warming(TM) is the greatest threat facing mankind! Ever!

    And Gore, blessed be his name, will merely purchse Carbon offsets to make up for his lifestyle indulgences: 9 washrooms and how many fireplaces was that - 6? - should be offset by several starving villages somewhere in the Third World.

    This may seem cruel, but we have to remember resources like carbon - and the economy - are actually zero-sum games, to be managed only by the enlightened elite. Every failed economics professor turned Marxist says so.

    And remember - as Gore tries valiantly to sign agreements that would guarantee him more income by raising your energy costs sky-high - Gore's offsets are just beginning. You're the next target.



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