Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun With Temps

It has been a crappy month. Waiting for summer is making me *yawn*. We have had a few warm days that lifted our spirits, only to shoot right back to colder weather. Yesterday was about 27C for example, today might hit 18C. We are jumping up and down 10 degrees - no wonder everyone keeps getting sick. It's humid one day and dry as a bone the next. *sigh*. But I did spot something on my local news that interested me - the historical highs and lows for my city.... in 1933 we hit a record high of about 39C! Woo! But in 1952 we had a record low of only 2.6C. BRRRRR. Of course then your mind wanders to the talk of 'warming' and 'cooling' and man's effect on the planet. How much effect did we have in 1933 when it almost hit 40C in the middle of June around here? And what the heck happened in 1952 where it was barely above freezing at the exact same time of year? And yet again we have people predicting the temperature 100 years into the future - but not being able to tell us what the temp might be this afternoon! My weather forecast for the weekend has changed 3 times in less than 12 hours.

I'm sorry, but how am I to believe the scientists, climatologists, etc who are telling me that the planet could be 6 degrees warmer in the future because of us belching out CO2 left and right - but those same groups of people, meterologists, etc cannot figure out what the weather will be like this Sunday, as I plan to go to my father in law's house for Father's Day. Do I need to bring a raincoat? An umbrella? Do the kids wear shorts or pants? Should I just bring one of everything and pack a parka too, just in case? What the heck?! How are we to seriously believe the science when the same science cannot accurately predict the weather 2 hours from now?

I watched my skies darken for 4 hours last night, eventually culminating in a thundershower with no mention of it on the weather channels at all. They kept saying we would get it on Tuesday afternoon. Then it was Tues morning. Then it was Thursday. Then I saw lightning called for all weekend, but that prediction has disappeared this morning, replaced with 'partially cloudy'. Honestly people - if the same types of scientists are working on our current weather and week-ahead forecasts but can't get it right - why should I bow down to them agreeing that the climate is changing because of US. There are countless records in geology, archaeology, etc that point to severe climate changes throughout history - so why is this being caused by us today? And why are we to follow along blindly when right in front of our faces is info to the contrary, showing that they cannot predict the temperatures when the clouds are right there in front of them, through multiple satelitte images plus their own eyeballs -- but somehow they can predict what it will be in 20 50 100+ years. How ridiculous does that sound?


  1. Weather is changing no doubt about it. (real conservative)

  2. There are things we notice around here, like an old dry lake bed (dry for more years than I could ever count to) that is now full of water between alberta and saskatchewan. My bf has been driving through that area on a regular basis for over 20 years and has NEVER seen it full of any amount of water, let alone brimming with it. But all we have been told the past decade or two is how it is going to continue to get hotter and drier as the years tick by. Instead, we find ourselves so glutted with water, area farmers have not been able to seed, they cannot even drive across their fields because their machinery will literally sink, and crops that were once suffering from drought are now water logged instead. But it has been very wet in these areas before, so is it really a mad-made climate change?



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