Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something that Niggles me

... okay so I am not 'dissing' the person I am about to write about.. just so he knows in case he ever manages to read my blog LOL. I am just trying to understand his logic, his reasonings....

My bf and I were having a little half joking, half point-making discussion about gas, oil, etc. the person in question was talking about how in 1986 Mercedes had a car that ran on salt water, yet all these years later we are still using gasoline. He said something about it angers him that he still has to go to the pump and use gas instead....

First off, no one HAS to gas up. No one HAS to own a car. I don't drive. I take the bus sometimes, my bf picks me up from work sometimes, but usually I walk. By far most of the time I walk. I even walk to get groceries a lot and put them in the stroller. Blah blah blah. Walk walk walk.

And yet I would like to discuss one day about how this other person has bought a few cars, even recently. Old cars, newer cars. As in owning them all at once. And drives them. Yeah he can only drive one car at a time, but still... if you are going to make comments about Big Oil, talk about fresh air being a precious commodity, whether it's tongue-in-cheek or not, why on earth would you be all excited about buying up old cars that are even worse with emissions that newer cars?? I really don't get that. Even just to tinker with and only drive once a year, what is the point if the whole industry is polluting the planet? Why not show your outrage by NOT buying them?

I see this happening SO much. People complaining or disliking how we 'rely' on oil, but they do virtually nothing to at least lessen their own personal reliance on it. In fact, many seem to go over the top like maybe al gore and him owning, allegedly, one of the least enviro-friendly private planes, buying up huge mansions when he already owns several homes, etc. What sense does that make?

It seems to me that if a person was seriously concerned with the environment, they would live their lives accordingly but I see very few who do!!! Not including those who are forced to live that way due to region/financial situation/etc. I mean those who protest the loudest and then get in their car and drive away. It really does irk me sometimes.

The person I am talking about is a very cool artist. I like a lot of what I have seen of his work. But he also gets things delivered from the US, from Toronto (to saskatchewan), etc. Meaning, factories creating his canvases, trucks and maybe even planes transporting his supplies... I'm not saying he shouldn't, but I am saying that if a person does not want to be so reliant on fossil fuels, why are they not showing it as much? I've seen comments about buying MEXX clothing for the kids - why not hand me downs or cheaper brands? Why buy ones that are made in various factories and transported thousands of miles? It all seems like irony to me, or a case of double standards. If people are as concerned as they say in general, why don't they prove it to big companies by not buying new clothing etc as much as possible but instead buy used or home made? The stores would eventually get the hint after their sales dropped. but no.... it doesn't seem to happen that much, does it?

I support the oil industry, although I wish they would smarten up and stop giving others an excuse to vilify them - yet I seem to live a lower-emissions lifestyle than those who do NOT support the oil industry. WTF? Seriously  - that makes no sense. I joked that since I walk most of the time, the only emissions I produce depend on what I have for supper LOL. But really- come on - show everyone how many old cars you have managed to get, call them your 'babies', and then complain about 'having' to fill them up with gas?? I am baffled. No one HAS to fill their car with gas. No one HAS to buy up old cars for fun. No one HAS to do any of that --- so why not show your love for the enviroment more in your own personal life? It does not compute in my brain at all I'm afraid.


  1. I like your blog, some people like to bark and whine for Governments to do everything for them, rather than doing some for themselves. I myself lived in a city and started busing it. Eventually I bought a bicycle and then sold my car. If some people would take a little time to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk they might find; like I did, it feels good.

    PS: I like the word "Niggles".

  2. Many technologies over the years have been suppressed for commercial advantage and greed. If you doubt this then do some research on Thomas Edison who had actively thwarted better inventions than his own and it is documented and proven. Always remember that what people covet and is scarce is highly priced. Highly priced things are easy to earn a profit on. (real conservative)

  3. It's just frustrating. I always say that if something better comes along, it should be acted upon. But what seems to be happening now is guilt being shoved down our throats, without a viable option being readily available. As in my post about what my son was told at his exam.. save paper, then 'use one side', then 'use both sides', then 'use one side',,, words like Obligation being used on 12 year olds who are just trying to get through their exams without the need of extra added pressure about destroying their planet because they forgot to use both sides of the paper in their rough draft.

    Pressure to use new types of lightbulbs that lower income people cannot afford. The cost of one package of 4 would buy my bread and milk for a week. If I had $25 left in my bank account, would I buy more food, or buy new light bulbs? Hmmm.. gee... that's a tough one.

    I watched a program last year with Bill Nye the Science Guy talking about his solar panels - I never once heard him discuss the cost but he talked about it like if everyone would just buy a solar panel, we would be making a moral dent in the problems earth is facing... well the solar panels I have seen that I would need 4 or 5 of to power my whole house are about $50,000 each. That is SIXTEEN YEARS of my current annual earnings. Sure as more people want them and more companies make them, the cost might come down... but it takes half a month's salary for me to purchase a solar panel that will work my TOASTER right now. Sorry but even if I wanted to jump on that bandwagon right now, I am not financially able to in any respect.

    The guilt being forced upon us in unreal these days. My kids are being fed it in school at the ripe young age of FIVE. I do not accept that nor do I appreciate it. And then people always come along who preach it but do not LIVE it and that is simply aggravating to say the least.


    check it out.



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