Monday, August 23, 2010

Can I just make an observation....

...I have seen/heard a lot of people saying it is 'racist' not to support the building of the mosque near ground zero in NYC.

Why is it racist exactly?

Is there a 'race label' for Muslim/Islamic people now? Gee I must have been asleep. I thought that was a religion.

And if people want to talk in terms of race, what labels are normally thrown out there? White (various groups of caucasian, be it european, etc), Black, Asian, Hispanic........ so where do people who attend mosques fit in? Oh wait - isn't it all of them? So who are non-supporters being 'racist' to? Everyone? I don't get that.

To me it shows that THEY are being racist lol. The people holding up signs proclaiming it's racist to want the mosque site moved are trying to say that the people building it are of a specific race, so are they not putting a label on all by themselves?

And another observation - I see a lot of people on their high horse about religious tolerance, yet they would be the first to say that the religious group who goes around protesting soldier's funerals should not be allowed to do that. There has been a fair amount of news on another religious group who plans/planned on holding a Koran-burning night (this month I think?) and people were in an uproar about that. Well why can't they? It's religous freedom isn't it? So why is it okay to bash down one group, but not another? I can bet that these same people would get their knickers in a twist about honor killings, arranged marriages, marrying off a 16 year old girl to a 70 year old man in the name of religion, or polygamist practices involving trading young women back and forth between Canada and the US (gee even Oprah did a show heavily weighted against that practice).... Those are all religious and cultural beliefs so why would they oppose those and yet turn around and hold up signs saying that America needs to be more tolerant, or that it's 'racist' to suggest the mosque be moved away from it's current proposed location? Some go against human rights (such as honor killings), but what about the other practices? Most people still seem to shun them, but not this mosque. Why is that exactly?

For the record, I think those that protest soldiers' funerals should be dragged off and not allowed anywhere near the grieving families, but going by what supporters at the mosque sites are saying, I should just say 'well it's their religion, their belief, so leave them to it'. Yeah... okay... sure.

Another little note,,, i saw on CNN/HLN the 'top ten list' of highest number of mosques by state. New York topped the list with well over 200 mosques, approaching 300 if my mind remembers correctly. There were other states with over 200 in each as well, but NYS was at the top. Okay,,, so I am just making another observation here, if this was truly about religious intolerance and wanting to brow-beat those who wish to build this particular mosque, why are there already well over 200 mosques in that very state? Is it really about intolerance if there are thousands of mosques already established in America? Or are some people trying to throw racism and intolerance into the fray just to cause a stink? There are also other things to think about, like news I keep hearing that this Imam refuses to denouce those who committed the 9/11 atrocities, and that he has in the past stated that he believes the US govt had a hand in it all. So maybe it's not 'just' about intolerance as so many are saying - maybe there is a bigger picture here that many do not want to address.


  1. It's a race or a religion depending on the argument that is made against it and which ad hominem attack will shut down thoughtful debate the fastest without actually having to resort to facts or truth.

  2. Middle Easterners and Europeans are all of the same race. Caucasoid (Caucasian). There are few races but many subdivisions (ethnic groups).

  3. first most people who cry racist can't define the word; second most of the idiots who say OK to building this mosque would say no to building a KKK chapter beside an NAACP office, allowing Orangemen to walk in catholic areas of Northern Ireland (right Sid "hyopcrite" Ryan) or putting a right-to-life group beside an abortion clinic.



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