Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Wolf Blitzer, followed by Dear Joy Behar

It's always fun when newsies make booboos for us to laugh at, but Dear Mr Blitzer, could you at least TRY to sound educated while reporting on the major news story of the past 2 months? The Chilean miners who are finally being brought to the surface? You know sir, Chile, that place in South America, on the same time zone as NY, Atlanta, etc? Directly SOUTH of you?

Earlier this afternoon while listening to the rescue of the 26th miner, I heard Wolf say 'it's still daylight over there'. Over where sir? And if it's still daylight for YOU, then it's probably still daylight in Chile. Same time zone, and it's south of you, not 'over there'. Maybe I am being a nit-picker but he has had ample time the past 2+ months to familiarize himself with a map of the world and find Chile. He was acting as though he was reporting on something happening in Pakistan or Australia, not somewhere that is pretty much directly south of his studio location lol.

Yes, perhaps he was reporting so that other world viewers could know that it was still daylight, but his wording did not bring that across. He could have said 'It is 6pm at the mine location so they still have a few more hours of daylight' or something to that effect. But it should also be noted that the rescue started in the middle of the night, around midnight, so it's not like they can only do it in daylight anyway.I'm not even sure what his comment was supposed to convey to viewers. He was just rambling to fill in the dead time between action shots, which is normally when you hear the funniest things.... I just found it humorous, like he had a moment without a teleprompter or voice reporting in his earpiece, and clearly not even thinking about Chile's location on the map at all. He made it sound 'over there', far away, the other side of the planet. Sorry Mr Blitzer, but Chile is on that continent called South America, and you happen to be in North America. North. South. Up. Down. Same time zone as you sweetie.

But now, I must address dear Joy Behar....

I was completely gobsmacked by a comment she made on last night's program. She was speaking to a gay man about the Dont Ask Dont Tell military policy, a NY politicians apparent 'hate speech', etc, and the conversation followed the trail of when her guess, Dan Savage, came out as being gay. He said he was born to staunch Catholics and he considered becoming a priest instead of 'coming out' to his family at one time in his life.

Now, here is the kicker - Joy laughed and, while laughing, said that becoming a priest might have been the perfect place for him ''hee hee hee"..... What the flying hell did she mean by that? Savage responded that yeah, he could have worn a dress and had sex with men, blah blah.... What did Joy mean though, what was her mind thinking of? All I could think about was how the Catholic priesthood has been underfire for sooo many years for abuse of young boys. There are some gay tales as well, but there are also straight tales of priests and adult women, so.... What was so hilarious about that? It just seemed totally 'off' to me. Most of the news stories involving the Catholic priesthood have been centered around young boys being abused. The Catholic church is constantly being condemned for covering up the reports... this has been in headlines around the world a LOT and now they joke about it on tv and pretend they meant adult men? Whatever. And even if she did mean adult men, does no one else see that her joke was very very bad and that Dan Savage added to it even though he himself is a gay man? The joke was to be about the church and many members' beliefs that being gay is immoral and 'against God', but they fed right into that immoral belief by suggesting that a lot of priests are actually gay men hiding out so they can have abhorrent sexual relations together after their mass services. What's funny about that? Why is that a joke? What's funny about gay men hiding out and acting all immoral? The joke was supposed to be about 'the Church', but used immoral gay men as the punch line. Oh hee hee that's sooooooooo funny Joy and Dan. Hysterical. Do they not even stop to think that while uttering their own brand of hate speech against organized religion, they were actually slamming down any 'in the closet' gay church members there may be? Dumb dumb dumb. But it doesn't surprise me at all. Shooting oneself in the foot seems to be a passtime of many of the most vocal people out and about in the world.

you can view the clip HERE. It starts at about 2:44 and goes to about 3:05.


  1. Actually, the San Jose mine is in GMT-4, while New York and Atlanta are in GMT-5.

  2. aha my bad, but I'm not a reporter lol. JK - I was watching the news around 10pm when the first miner came up and several times the news people on several different stations said it was 'just before' and then 'just after' midnight. I am GMT -7



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