Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Day - Federal

So the Conservatives have their majority, did you hear? And the NDP had an astonishing run, coming in farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr in the running to become the official opposition. Whoa. I almost choked 50 times watching the Liberal numbers stay low, the Bloc almost disappear, and the NDP swallow up nearly every seat in their path. It was so odd, watching the early polling results coming in and the Liberals were at around 20 when I tuned in... then 30... then pretty much stayed there the rest of the time. Wow. I am still shocked. I'm not sure how I feel about the NDP being the opposition, I've read some rather hard policies and ideas of their's over the years... but the C's have the majority so.... PHEW.

Anyway I have been rather saddened by some posts I have seen around the net from friends, musical interests of mine, etc. People have been told to get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE... but when it doesnt go their way, suddenly the claws come out calling the majority of voters idiots, fools, crazy, blind, stupid, etc. Why do that? When Harper only managed a minority govt these past elections, I didnt run around calling the Liberal and NDP voters idiots. I was just like 'oh well, them's the breaks'. I'm sure others called them names, but I didn't, so it makes me feel sad inside that despite supposedly being such nice calm people up here, there are some nasty ass comments flying around.

Such as (and I am just copying and pasting from public pages on FB/pardon the language too):

I'm so fucking disappointed right now!

- We're so screwed. Canadians are obviously really out to lunch...
Start saving for lube and get ready to bend over because we are about to take it straight up the fucking ass. I apoligize for the language but I'm flabergasted by the stupidity 
- I guess Canadians are gluttons for punishment.
- I am legitimately frightened for the future of this country, and the sanity of a people who would trust a morally bankrupt, overtly religious, worringly secretive maniac and his corrupt party to lead this nation. Banner fucking day, Canada. Enjoy the next four years...
- I'm sad. I am sad for democracy, and I am sad for Canada.     
- obviously us Canadians don't know what the fuck is going on! 
- A majority of Canadians are embarrasses me.
- pretty disgraceful. apparently we didn't learn by watching our neighbours to the south. baby bush is alive and well. how long until we get our own obama?
- I'm not a violent person but I'd like to punch someone right now. 
- we are truly living amongst a sea of retards, what a very sad day!!
- So Disappointing...yet oddly predictable. Canada's politics is a sad affair indeed.
- I think all people who didn't vote should be branded, do not complain people if you didn't vote, and those who did vote Harper, Thank for nothing (my note: ummmmmmm you want people to be branded who did NOT vote, but then the ones that did you are going to diss? that makes soooo much sense)
- I'm thoroughly disgusted with this country. I now know how Democrat supporters felt in 2004 with W. was elected for a second term.
- I am extremely disappointed with my countrymen tonight.

Okay so you get the idea. That was all actually from ONE fb page of a musician I like, but have never agreed with about politics lol. Anyhow I put a response there and someone just asked me if I thought it was okay that bush won re-election by a small margin. Ummmmm yeah I am okay with that actually lol. Obama won by a very similar margin and I pointed that out but of course that's different because he is a Liberal/Democrat, right? Geezus people... maybe face the music that Ignatieff stuffed up royally and people were not confident in him as a leader let alone a Prime Minister, and many were afraid of Jack Layton too, so they went a bit to the right and chose the Conservatives. That's how these things go. People tout democracy and try to force other countries to adopt the same system, but at the end of the day it hasnt been proven to work in any society over human history anyway, has it? 51% of the people can vote the rights of the other 49%... that's never going to make people happy. 

then I see people complaining that we are going to end up with a 2 party system like the US ----- but having multiple parties isnt what it's cracked up to be either is it? The vote gets spread thinly sometimes and makes it difficult for any party, no matter who you support, to get their voice heard. Two parties seems wrong, but 3, 4, 5 parties aint doin so hot either. But even then, when the vote split ends up with a majority, you still see endless comments like I have pasted above. That is pretty sad, don't you think? 



  1. Oh yes the nastiness is choking up my newsfeed as well, people bemoaning the demise of Canada and calling Tory voters idiots; I got slagged multiple times when I posted a rather triumphant status. But like I said to then: sour grapes baby! We got our majority and I hope Harper uses it well. And I hope all the youth see what wackos the NDP truly are, though I know of some liberal friends who flocked to the Tories out of fear of Jack getting near Sussex. Bottom line I'm celebrating tonight!

  2. The left are so very unhappy people, even when they get what they want, like spoiled children. (real conservative)

  3. So true, I'm also young(I assume you're young based on all of your liberal facebook friends) and conservative, and I saw the same stuff. One person said they were going "some place more moderate, like North Korea." And most status updates and comments followed in that tune. I also thought it was hilarious how people who were championing democratic rights were condemning those who chose to use them in a way they felt undesirable. I too hope people realize how backwards the NDP is. I was worried about Ignatieff as PM, but he's practically Jesus compared to Layton. Oh well, majority!

  4. Hi Chris. I am 37 so I'm not sure if that's considered young? lol. What surprises me is my friends who all grew up in this highly conservative/pc voting region (it's always at LEAST 60% but more often like 78%) - and then they moved away to ontario, quebec, bc (the big cities in each province) and they all rant about hating the conservatives. It's so strange to me. I have contemplated deleting some - like a friend of mine who moved to the US and just this morning said that all right-wingers are crazy racists for not liking Obama. That was offensive to me... I couldn't care less what color skin any leader has. I don't agree with his policies or his attitude. If it was Al Gore in there I would be freaking out just as much, if not more because of his climate change ideas. Actually yeah I'm positive I would dislike that particular white man much more than I dislike Obama.

    It just bothers me to read all of that. I know that some conservatives post nasty things about liberals too and lump them altogether - but the ones that talk directly about the voters, the individuals, are what bother me most on either side. If you have a problem with the policies of a particular govt - go right ahead and slam them. But calling all right wingers RACIST, and another one I saw talking about how the voters in Canada brought in a tyranical hateful govt (????) and are 'stupid and pathetic' just irk me.

    I had someone suggest that I should have researched all the local candidates before voting. Ummmm who says I didn't??? Just because I voted conservative in this election doesnt mean I didn't check them all out. I don't get it! Our Green Party candidate is very young and I don't agree with the policies he was peddling like a passenger train from calgary to my city, and perhaps into saskatchewan. We had this YEARS ago and it didn't work back then either so they stopped it. That was high on the list for the Greens and I dont agree.

    Our NDP guy wasnt too bad, but he was in the mall trying to peddle his papers and got upset that he was removed because he had not asked permission. That showed me how he does not respect a private business. The Mall is not a publicly owned building. It is privately owned and if you want to hand out pamphlets and such, you need to rent a space from them, even if just for one day. That's how it has always been done. You can't just walk into a mall and solicit people - I find it terribly aggravating at my home, let alone when I am trying to shop in a mall lol. Stand outside and hand them out - but no, he went inside and then complained about his removal. Again, that showed me what he thought of private business so he was off my list.

    The Liberal candidate was very easy to check up on because he was our police chief for many years, and he has been our mayor for the past 4 or 5 years. I am well versed in what he is like. What's hilarious to me is that most of my liberal friends hated him and called him militant, an S.O.B., etc and then he wound up being the candidate for Liberal MP. Fancy that.

    Anyway so that left our Cons candidate. I think he could be better, he is nowhere near as strong as our former one, Monte Solberg, was but he has experience now for the past several years and he is not always ranting about needing funding. I was disappointed to see in our paper that he is going to push for us to get a new arena with some federal funding - but we will see how that goes. That was top of the list for the Liberal candidate too so that is no different.

  5. Anyway I am rambling because I have repeatedly seen reference to conservative voters not checking out their candidates... okay - well how do they know everyone else did? there are stories abound that talk of NDP candidates who were not even in their ridings during half or most of the 6 week campaigns. People didnt even know who they were yet they voted for them. Apparently 4 or 6 of the wining NDP candidates are students at McGill Uni... how are they going to be able to do their schooling AND their MP jobs at the same time? Did anyone think of that or ask? Did all of the people in Quebec, who literally dumped the Bloc AND the Liberal parties fully check out each candidate or were they just fed up and wanted to make a point and put an X next to the NDP candidate to force a change, without actually knowing much about the individual? There are plenty of people across Canada who always vote on the same party line no matter what, and that goes for ALL parties.



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