Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random Thought......

Awhile back I was ashamed of myself for falling for a trick. This is just a random thought but it deals with how we listen to the news and take it at face value too often and don't think outside the box to expand our understanding. At least, I was definitely doing that one evening awhile back.

I was watching the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC for some reason (she irritates me but I tune in sometimes because her sarcasm is sometimes quite funny). Anyway on one particular evening she was ranting about govt ideas to cut the federal postal service down to only a few days a week, cut out Saturday delivery, etc in the US. She got out the constitution and read from it a part about the feds providing a federal postal service. She was saying that republicans rant on and on about how Obama is not doing things constitutionally, but they want to do something that is against the constitution they apparently hold so dear as well.

I admit that at first I was thinking 'oh crud, well I guess they have to be careful. It's in the constitution that they have to provide a Federal postal delivery system and oversee it'....

But a few hours later I was thinking about it again and I gave myself the proverbial smack in the forehead. Yes the constitution does lay claim to that but it does NOT say in there that it has to be 5 or 6 days a week or provide benefits or offer next day delivery. Of course it doesnt because at the time it was written, it was not even fathomable that mail could get from one coast to the other in less than a day. So everything that Maddow listed from news about changing the USPS does NOT actually fall under the constitution. I could not believe I fell for that.

Not once did she talk about the govt wanting to end the whole program, she only listed things about ending next day delivery, three days a week service instead of 5 or 6, benefit programs for employees, etc. Sorry Maddow but none of that appears in the constitution so I think you are quite wrong about it being illegal, as you so bluntly represented on your program.

I was ashamed of myself for not seeing through that immediately. But then I had to wonder - did SHE think of that at all? Did anyone else take her aside during discussions about that night's topic and point that out to her? She either knew she was lying, or herself and everyone else on her staff are total dunces for not thinking of it either. I was a dunce for a little while but thankfully I brought myself out of it on my own with just simple 'thinking'. Phew!


  1. She was deliberately promoting her agenda by omitting pertinent information knowing that her followers would lap it up. It's part of the left's disinformation and agit prop.

  2. Agreed. Leftists are great at bumper sticker arguments. They are also great at transference and projection, kinda like children. The Constitution doesn't say a lot of things they claim for it. The largest being "the separation between church and state".



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