Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally!!!! WOOOO!!

I have now had two conversations with staff at the Canadian High Commission in London and got real information that makes sense. I have always known, or 'felt', that I was not receiving all of the proper information, hence delaying some of the paperwork I was told to send in. Now that everything makes sense finally,, I am ready. I must say though that when I got the links to the right applications, I was shocked that I have not seen them before. I have spent countless time on the Canada Immigration website, run search inquiries, etc and never ever ever come across this section of the site myself. And I have certainly never been told about it. Yet it's so simple. The application my son needs to fill out in London is called Temporary Visa for Residents... I was given Travel Doc for Permanent Resident Abroad last year by a customs agent via phone and this year by contacting an MPs office and I knew that those could not be right and then finally I was given the link to this info and application by the High Commission. Thanks to Kristin and staff for finally making this all make sense. She was actually floored over the amount of misinfo I have received over the past 12-13 years. And equally floored that even when he was little and I was traveling with him, I was never asked for this visa lol. Nope - 5 trips back and forth so far and no one has ever said it to me. She called it a Facilitation Visa and I have definately never heard that term before this week.

But it all  makes sense. I feel relaxed and at ease that I finally have the right documents, and if his proof of citizenship card is not back by mid or end of July, his dad can take him to the embassy to file for the temporary Resident's visa and not waste a trip with the wrong documents. I looked at it all and almost jumped out of my chair with excitement because I knew there MUST be something he can fill out and kept getting the run around alllllllll these years. Finally I feel like the process is completed and makes perfect sense and I can relax :)

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