Thursday, May 17, 2012

White House President Bios 're-vamped' to add Obama's name to each one

I saw this on Fox News last night and checked it out for myself. Fox reported that the White House appended many past president's biography pages to add in details about the current president, Obama. Sure enough - it's all there. I found it really bizarre. Did this kind of thing happen with other former presidents? Obviously I have no idea as I have never checked it out but wow... The White House has defended their changes by saying they have not altered the actual biographies, just added links in the 'Did You Know' column at the bottom of each page, but I think they are really pushing the limit on that. It's ridiculous, in my opinion, to add things about president Obama to pages for presidents that were dead before Obama was even born let alone anyone else. In some cases I saw other presidents mentioned, such as Clinton and Bush Jr working together for Haiti but that was outside the realm of presidential duties. Obama's name got thrown in with each biography to show how his changes carry on today. I think that if the White House really thought that was a good idea, they should have added the name and links for EVERY president that continued to carry on each idea. Why just Obama? Seriously... it is one of the most arrogant things I have seen from this president - and that's not easy since he has got to be the MOST arrogant one I have ever listened to. I thought Clinton was an arrogant SOB when it came to dealing with matters of his personal life, but the current president has blown him out of the water. Here is a sampling of screen shots taken directly from the website today. I believe that every 20th century president has an Obama addition at the bottom of the page. I left the web address at the top so that you can see what page I got it on, and then read the Did You Know? sections at the bottom.  Enjoy:


  1. The Rutherford Hayes meme resurfaced as well:

    over the portrait of President Hayes are the words

    "I would never insert myself in Obama's biography"


  2. I had no idea about that so googled and found it lol. And a blurb a few months back about Obama using an apparently common baseless story about Hayes vs the Telephone in one of his speeches (saying basically that Hayes said 'who would want to use a telephone? when talking about the new invention of the times).. but the Hayes historical group said that it's a common quote wrongly attributed to Hayes, who in fact was the first prez with a telephone in the white house and the first to use a typewriter, etc etc.

    I was reading comments from Obama supporters saying 'oh no oh dear oh my' and making light of the mistake, saying if it's a common mistake, it's okay, not like Obama lied or anything. And I saw some say that it was used in a Reagan speech as well (though I have not checked that out yet). but my take on it is that we now have tons of technology available to us and STILL there are too many mistakes in presidential speeches. Wrong time lines for events, wrong place names, wrong quotes attributed to the wrong people, etc - so what's the excuse? It should be so much easier for the speech writers now to make sure they have the facts correct before setting the president loose with a bunch of mistakes.

    Or the other way I look at it is that I have seen a rather long list of Obama speeches that people fawned over that were actually almost word for word spoken by previous presidents or other people. If I find the link again I will share it. In this case, if Reagan wrongly used that same Hayes quote, I would love to know how similar it was to Obama''s recent speech.



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