Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Looking back at 2008 US Election

I mentioned in the previous post that I should look back at stuff I posted in 2008 about Obama, and things that friends of mine said back then, and other random people around forums and such, and post it here for viewing just before the 2012 election. I have only read through two of my past posts and already I am laughing.... it's like the same story being told all over again. Except it involved Romney and Ryan now instead of McCain and Palin. You could swap the names around and post the same things and no one would know it was a repeat of 2008, 4 year old, posts.

Like this one called Perplexed from Nov 14, 2008. Excerpt: ""One major thing I have noticed surrounds the election of Barack Obama. While I understand the significance of this historic event, I also sit back and watch others' reactions. I remember things people said before he won the Democratic nomination and apply it to what they are saying about him now. It is quite shocking. I know this is just a small sampling of the hundreds of millions of people in the United States but I also see it happening on television, radio, and in newspapers. I recall people that supported Hillary Clinton telling me that they did not trust Obama as far as they could throw him. Saying that there was something about him they did not like and that his ideas were far too left for them, or too radical, or too ever-changing. I watched those people be very upset when Clinton lost the nomination, watched them saying that the party was doomed and would lose. But then, the euphoria around them hit. Quite suddenly, within the final few months of the election race, these exact same people were suddenly prostrating themselves at his feet. These same people who spoke with such disdain a short time beforehand were suddenly singing his praises and wearing his banner, dropping his name in every direction. He was suddenly THE MAN and some of these people completely denied saying anything ill towards him in the past. I could ask them what changed their minds, because of course people CAN change their mind - but I did not receive a real answer from ANY of them. None. What does that say? Does that say they supported him because of his ideas, plans, policies, etc - or did they jump on a bandwagon?""

""I predicted to my boyfriend that within 5 days to a week of the election, I would see those same people writing in the forums about hoping he does not do half the things he talked about. I was wrong on that one ----- it was less than 48 hours! That evening and the next day was a huge celebration but by Friday people were starting to question things. They said they think he will make an amazing leader, they are very proud of him, "but I hope that he won't do this or that".""

In reference to the debt (about 10 trillion at the time): ""That is my next point - I do not think many Americans are ready to PAY for what they want. I realize I am speaking in general terms by using 'they' but they know who they are. If you are reading this and do not feel that way, then obviously I am not talking about you. Anyhow, 'they' want these programs but do not seem to understand the rammifications of such policies going into place. The US has mutliple millions of people who would require some type of assistance, year after year after year. Who is going to pay for that? Is the White House going to have a Lemonade Stand out front? It's your pocket or your child's pocket - or maybe you, your child, your grandchild, and all of their children too.""  And oh gee, it's over 16 trillion  now, yet people are shocked? WHY? His policies set out before election clearly needed some cash, so where else could he possibly get it from other than the American people (and future Americans yet to be born)?

or Whispers of Intent, also from Nov 14 2008, regarding the Obama-Biden plan that was on the website before his election, and there for a short time afterward, but then disappeared and then was ultimately overhauled.

or this Random Thought that shows the US and Canada Debt Clocks on Nov 17, 2011. I wish I had posted and made note of the debt clock in Nov 2008. But my main point was the comment I left: ""So, if you were in serious debt, would you go to your financial advisors and hear them say 'Oh, to get out of debt, you just have to increase your spending'?""

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