Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Republican Pundits against Romney, FOR Romney, and oops, now against Romney

Glenn Beck for example. These people make me barf. They start out talking down about Romney, during the republican debates, then he wins the spot so they start supporting him and acting as though he is THE best and get angry at those who do not want to vote for him because they didnt like his policies any more than they liked Obama's... esp Ron Paul supporters. Man, they got attacked left and right, but now.... Romney lost,,, and I have tuned in to Beck's program this week and heard him say that Romney is a LIBERAL, and that's why he lost.

Seriously guys? Do you think that your listeners have all suffered from head trauma and no longer have long-term memories? In this clip, Glenn Beck states that  Mitt Romney has been his pick right from the start, dated April 2012. I wish I could get the transcript from yesterday's Glenn Beck radio show I listened to via Sirius Patriot, because he was talking about his ideas being too liberal, that he IS a liberal, and that's why he lost. I thought maybe he was making a joke or being sarcastic, after seeing so many times where Beck supported Romney - but he wasn't!

But Beck isnt the only one who has been doing that. I've seen and heard no-end of talk show and tv show hosts slam everyone into the ground who wasn't 'getting behind Romney' to get rid of Obama, really mean stuff sometimes, who are now complaining that Romney wasn't the right candidate to pull everyone together and snag a chunk of disillusioned Obama followers, and Independents.

Well gee - no fricken kidding. It was brought up to me on this blog from my own comments about Romney recently and I even made one of the comments the topic of a new post. And here we all sit, with 4 more years of Obama. And if they don't find a Republican candidate to do well and have the right idea for the country in mind, it could go to yet another Democrat again, someone who may follow everything Obama has been doing. Oh joy.

Maybe next time, the people won't be so quick to shout and stomp their feet at those who do not support yet another flimsy Republican candidate who acts more like an Overlord than the Voice Of The People.


  1. Rush Limbaugh seems to be the only one right now not jumping on Romney for saying that Obama won by giving gifts to various groups. Their solution seems to be to also give give gifts to Hispanics, etc. and try to be liberals lite.

    I for one think the Republicans got really unlucky with the Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie endorsement of Obama. Also they should have really tried to lock up Florida, because they had little chance to win without it.

  2. yes but he said that between the candidates at the time for the gop nomination . that mitt romeny was the best he would not support newt gingrich who I said all along was the best candidate. and glenn beck said that new gingrich was to progressive on big government. but and even though mitt was more liberal. on issues that he supported him from way back in the primaries. I remember that. butyeah he still criticzed him dosen't mean he didn't support him. both herman cain, and newt gingrich who I thought should have won the gop.(newt that is) nomination becasue he would have walked all over barrack obama in all 3 debates especially forigen policies. newt was my man. all along. but they chose romeny. as a canadian I didn't really have any say but I was hoping. i still thought mitt would win though at the end. and yes I criticezed him to. just like i criticze stephen harper but still would vote for him.

  3. they had the rite person in both newt gingrich and rick santorum. but personally newt Gingrich. he had the so called x marriages that the dems love to have that would have taken the war on women out of play. he had a known record for surplusses and balanced budgets multi times with unemployment below 5 percent. in the reagan days andhe was exonerated from all those so called charges so that would not have worked and he was a teaparty favourite to.



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