Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bloomberg Soda Ban

I really dont know what to say about people who dont care about NYC Mayor Bloomberg's upcoming bans on soda pop of particular sizes. The latest news says that the ban would not allow pizza places to sell 2 litres of soda with their orders. I just found an online chat forum when i was researching this and was suprised at the responses.http://www.subchat.com/otchat/read.asp?Id=1039572 . The people in there are talking about people being too lazy to go to.store to buy the pop.cheaper,.etcetc. Thats not the point, in my opinion. Its the fact that a city MAYOR is involved in this, along with other bans, that affect people's personal choices and private business practices. What is going on?? I have a family of 5 and every other month or so we order pizza and sometimes get a family meal that includes the pop. Whoopie. We share it among 5 people and often dont even finish it. Its a treat for the kids as we dont eat out and rarely order in. Sure some people.overdo this but who am i to judge??

It reminds me of a few years ago at work when getting a govt inspection. The inspector saw a staff member's can of pop in the fridge and said that when drinking it, the staffer should pour it into a coffee mug so the children dont see an adult drinking pop. I said "oh, so its okay for them to think we are drinking coffee, but not pop?'. Some.people put tons of sugar and cream in their coffee, while the pop in the fridge was coke zero. Sure its not the greatest but coffee is not the best for everyone either. I just found that over the top. 

So back to nyc and bloomberg,,,, if the people there allow this to slide by and elect him again next time, they deserve everything that is thrown their way in the future. It will not stop at pop and salt. Trust me. 


  1. USA: Land of the free, home of the brave? NOT.
    More like land of the slave, home of the coward.

    When you allow the government to tell you what size container you can consume a legal beverage in you are no longer a free born citizen.

    When you don't stand up to this sort of nonsense with civil disobedience, you are a coward.

    There once was a Boston Tea Party, and an American Revolution. That was back when it was the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

  2. Interesting to note that the Mayor of New York has time to devote to this issue, yet show is not properly cleared from streets in winter, bedbugs infest many New York hotels and neighbourhoods, Hurricane Sandy devastated large parts of the city without any real response (and there were still victims without heat or shelter weeks after the event), although there was plenty of time and effort to prepare to run the New York Marathon (including several large generators, thousands of port a pots, water and food services set up in Central Park), which was finally called off at the last minute due to outrage over the suffering of the Sandy victims. As a final slap, most of the equipment positioned for the New York Marathon was NOT delivered to the devastated neighbouhoods. (Oddly, the Democrat Mayor and city council of New Orleans had a similarly lax response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, also without comment from the press, who placed the blame on other parties)

    I would think very long and hard before going to New York city (or State, for that matter) for business or pleasure.

  3. It completely boggles my mind. Kinda like Toronto council banning plastic bags to be given out in stores. But I believe that is being turned around, I will have to look it up. I bought another reusable bag at Rexal recently, their brand new ones, and I didnt have much in it but the handle tore right off before I got back to work, which was a 1 minute walk.. literally.

    Ive seen and heard many people from the NYC area on tv talking about it and saying things like it doesnt affect them much because they don't drink 16oz sodas very often, or dont go to the bar (another part of the ban where the jugs of pop mixed booze are not to be sold anymore), etc etc. They say that now, but as soon as something else comes up that DOES affect them, look out! They will be crying and whining and I will shut them out and say 'too bad'.



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