Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Police Shoot Innocents - Where is the outrage?

I am completely gobsmacked over why I have not seen much, if any, outrage over the innocent civilians who were SHOT at and by police in the manhunt last week for Chris Dorner. Seriously, WHAT is going on??? The woman who was shot was 71 years old! I kept waiting and waiting for news networks to be all over it, but they weren't. There were stories that day and a slight mention here and there, but that's it. Try googling it yourself and the top listings come from sites like, huffingtonpost, and local news sources - not from Fox, CNN, etc. WHY NOT?

I cannot believe what I am seeing. I really cant. It is upsetting and I hope all three of those people sue the department and win. Lots.

Who the hell goes out delivering newspapers on a quiet morning and expects to get shot by POLICE OFFICERS? What 71 year old woman should fear for her life in such a circumstance. She was shot in the BACK according to this local cbs article dated Feb 7th

It really is disgusting. This dude Dorner goes out and shoots people, killing some, wounding others, and it is all over the news that we need to find this crazy lunatic and get him off the streets. How about getting some crazy ass trigger happy police off the streets while you are at it?? To me this shows that even Fox News, famed for being super right-wing anti-govt etc blah blah is in the pockets of police. They do not want to show a bad side to the force, or what??? I dont get it. Youd think this would be huge news. But nope. How often are innocent bystanders shot by police, or injured in car chases between suspects and police, and it makes headlines? More often than this particular incident... why is that? Too embarrassed? Oops while we were out looking for Dorner, we ended up doing something WORSE - shooting at unarmed, innocent people who were just going about their own business and not appearing in a threatening manner in any way, shape, or form.

The man that was shot at was just as bad a situation. Driving along the road, doo de doo, and BLAM BLAM BLAM.... wtf? I saw the live aerial shots of his truck and all of his air bags had deployed. Oops sorry man, we got a call that shots were fired, we saw your dark truck and thought you must be the suspect fleeing the scene, so we shot at you without ANY reason other than the colour of your truck.

That is truly revolting. What if it was YOU driving down the road, readers, and you were shot at by police because of the colour or your vehicle? Or that you were driving slow (cos you were delivering papers to various houses on the street, like you do every other day of the week). How would you feel if your son or daughter was shot? What if any of these people were killed?? Is it 'okay' because the man wasnt injured (his truck sure was), or because one woman only got cut by SHATTERED GLASS from BULLETS, or is it okay because the old lady got shot in the back but will survive? WTF is going on. Seriously. I can't believe that I have not seen story after story about this on the news. It should be investigated hugely.

Every time there is a maniac on the loose, are we to fear that police might get trigger happy and shoot US? that should not happen anywhere.

And I thought that in general, police were not supposed to shoot unless there is imminent threat? The women claim they had no warning and I would have to agree because if they received warning, youd think at least one of the women would yell back and surprise to the officers - a FEMALE voice is responding, when you are looking for a male. If you can get shot by officers simply because you happen to be driving near a home of a higher up officer who is on some hit list, that's scary. I know that at least SOME people out there are outraged by this - I even saw some clothing articles being sold that say stuff like 'DONT SHOOT! IM NOT DORNER!'. Maybe the WHITE guy who's truck was shot at should have had one of those handy things. If they didnt notice his white skin through the windshield, maybe they would have seen his shirt? Yeah right. Anyway, the public DOES have to get angry about this and call for an investigation into the practices of police departments in situations like this. They all take their lives into their own hands when they sign up for a badge and carry a gun,,, what about two older women delivering newspapers? Should they expect to be ducking police bullets? From what I have read online in the few news articles available, their truck does not match the description to Dorner's enough, obviously not the same plates, and well again, that silly little fact that they were FEMALES. Just like the silly little fact that the man shot at minutes later was WHITE, not black like Dorner. Oh but who cares, it's okay for the police to shoot first and ask questions later.

Isnt that perhaps an example of why the US constitution writers decided that regular citizens should be allowed to bear arms, that are of equal comparison to whatever their law enforcement officials have? Because of times like this? Hmmmmm.


  1. the msm is not interested in pointing out police excesses.

  2. You don't hear anywhere that Dorner is a rabid leftist and went on his rampage to promote gun control. He says so in his own words. He sings the praises of the dumbocrats and Piers Morgan and threatens the NRA. All you hear about is the racist LAPD, but the rest is censored.

    I never even heard about the old lady. Thinking people can't watch the news anymore. It makes you stupid.



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