Wednesday, December 3, 2008


That title is a very long expletive that I am not allowed to say outloud or put into visible print.

Okay so let's go over this again.

People are saying Harper is a hypocrite because he tried to do this same thing a few years ago when the Liberals were in 'power'. Okay. Point taken and conceded. Yes, he did. I read the letter, I heard it being read on CPAC a few minutes ago. Okay? So............ does that mean it is okay? No. Not then, and NOT NOW either.

Let's spin the table around again ---- since I've also heard reference that the table has been turned on Harper and he doesn't like it. Okay... so back when Harper may have been in bed with the other parties against the Liberals, what did the Liberals say about it? Did they say "Oh that's okay. Go right ahead. Oust Martin and we will just step aside quietly"? NO. THEY DID NOT. Martin was on TV crying out to people for their support yadda yadda. Same thing that is happening now to/with Harper. So if the Liberal party did not like or appreciate these actions a few years ago, why do THEY think it's okay to do now? WHY. Just answer that. They ALL appear to be hypocrites right now. And yeah, I will put Harper in there too. I am just trying to point out that they ALL have had the tables turned against them. If you say Harper tried to form a coalition in the past, then you HAVE TO be fair and say that the Liberals were against a coalition forming in the past. So if it's okay to happen now, why wasn't it okay to happen back then?

Just think about it. That's all. If people were in an uproar last time and calling for blood at the mention of a coalition, shouldn't the same be true this time? I've even seen references to people saying they can't wait for OBAMA to come in and help us? WHAT? The United States is not our saviour. Their leader should not have an affect on our government to the extent that we should base our votes and hopes on any President. We should be hoping that OUR LEADER is a strong one and can go head to head if needed. Harper has stood up for Canadian interests on many dealings with the United States, if I am remembering news reports correctly. So what is Dion going to do that is better? Does it even matter? No it does not, actually. But this is the stuff I have to read while trying to become more informed about what is going on with our government today. And it is driving me crazy.

Why can't people see both sides? I can readily say that I was not impressed years back to learn about Harper and the Bloc. And I can see that this is hypocricy from all angles. Again, if the Liberals were upset about a possible coalition take-over during Martin's time, why is it suddenly okay to do it now against Harper? Hmmm? All I hear is Silence in response, or a bunch of long-winded deviating answers that have nothing to do with my questions. Go figure.

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