Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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""Canada is the only Group of Eight industrialized country which so far appears to be weathering the financial crisis that started in the United States with a subprime mortgage market meltdown.

As well, it is the only industrialized nation expected to post positive economic growth in the coming year.

On Thursday, Flaherty unveiled a fiscal update saying Canada would post its 12th consecutive budget surplus next year, with a much reduced surplus, but opposition parties accused him of hiding a deficit.

Editorials said Stephane Dion, after his Liberal Party suffered in October its worst electoral defeat since confederation in 1867, has not earned the right to govern."" (please see my references to this in the previous post)


""An opposition coalition seeking to replace Canada's minority Conservative government would deliver a fiscal stimulus package worth C$30 billion ($24 billion), some Liberal Party members said this week.""

- my note: This is not working in the US, is it? And yes, the govt has already passed along some little stimulus packages over the past several weeks but I did not agree with that either. But are the Liberals et al not able to get US news? Do they not see what is happening down there and how the PEOPLE were crying out that these packages not be done there? Do they not hear the revolt brewing south of the border?


Just to slip in my own thoughts on things going on in the US with the new cabinet choices - I nearly threw up listening to people who were thrilled that Clintoness is going to be Secretary of State. She and Obama were AT EACH OTHER'S THROATS and highly insulting towards one another for the better part of the past couple of years. They were polar opposites on many issues that now directly relate to the position she is going to fill. She belittled him, he belittled her. And do not try to tell me that it's "just politics", just the "game". They drug up stuff about each other and opposed each other continuously. So why are they suddenly going to be able to sit together and make agreements to benefit the country?

It totally reminds me of this canadian coalition. They have said harsh remarks about each other for years, and now we are supposed to believe they can suddenly hold hands and sing Kum Baya around the fire and make responsible decisions for Canada. When they WERE NOT ELECTED by the people? Oh please. And God help us.

""Even before the final results were tallied in the 2008 election, the consensus among Liberal insiders was that Stephane Dion's bumpy tenure as party leader was finished.

By 11 p.m. Tuesday, it was clear that the Conservatives, the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois had increased their seat count.Even the Green party enjoyed an increase in popular support.But the Liberals were down across the country.

Privately, many Liberals have said that Dion was nobody's first choice and was instead a compromise between the polarizing choices of Rae and Ignatieff. In fact, only 17.8 per cent of the party picked Dion as their first choice.""


""Dion will remain prime minister so long as he is leader of the Liberal party. As he has given his intention to resign effective May 2, the winner of the Liberal leadership race - the declared contestants are Michael Ignatieff, Bob Rae and Dominic LeBlanc - will become prime minister on assuming the leadership of the Liberal party.

The deal between the NDP and Liberals will expire on June 30, 2011.

The Bloc Quebecois has agreed to vote with the coalition on any matters of confidence but only for the next 18 months.""

- my note: talk about confusion! So it would be Dion until the new guy comes in, all because Dion FAILED as the party leader. What happens in June 2011? Will it be straight Liberal again, but with a minority govt again? What happens after the Bloc is done lending it's support? This whole thing looks like a giant shit stain on Canada Flag underpants to me :(

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