Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I don't know what to say or think about what is happening with the Lib/NDP coalition and Bloc involvement. I keep hearing people cry out that Harper tried to do this a few years ago when Martin was PM - but here is the thing... HE DIDN'T DO IT. For whatever reasons, a coalition was not created, it was not signed, it did not happen. They started fighting and disagreeing on key issues before the ink was dry on whatever documents were penned. He may have been completely wrong to even consider it, and perhaps he should come out now and talk about why he considered it and why it did NOT happen, to stop this 'well he did it too' talk. It's annoying. So what if he tried to do it or considered it 4 years ago... does that mean he should let it happen now? Honestly people, think about it. Two wrongs do not make a right, isn't that something our great grandmothers kept nagging away at us with?

I read an interesting 'debate' in the Edmonton Sun and here is one little excerpt that made me feel better about my thoughts and memory lol..

""GOLDSTEIN: What's different is it didn't happen. What's different is the Conservatives never signed a document with the separatists during Paul Martin's Liberal minority government in 2004, six weeks after it was elected, guaranteeing the Bloc "a permanent consultation mechanism" with a Harper government and throwing out the Liberals in order to make Harper prime minister by an act of the Governor General, without voters having a say. I've criticized Harper for dallying with the Bloc. This is much worse.""

That is what I have been trying to say to people for 2 days. I hear them remarking more about how Harper tried to do it years ago, than what it means for Canada to be going through this RIGHT NOW. Today. Dion Duceppe Layton. I thought I was hearing wrong when I learned it would mean Dion would be PM if this all goes ahead. WHAT?? Are you frigging kidding me? Just a few weeks ago, his own party was calling for him to STEP DOWN if he got less than what, 80 seats? So, he lost and it was all over the news that he was being asked to step down because he FAILED as the Liberal Leader. Oh... so he Failed as a party leader but now he will be a success as PRIME MINISTER? O.M.F.G.

Yes, I am yelling. Very loudly.

I am upset about this and what it means for Canada. Just yesterday, my bf's coworker (22 yrs old) said that Canada needs to raise taxes to help the economy. WHAT? This is what people think. People of voting age, who finished school, no less. What exactly did they learn? How do taxes help the economy, I must ask? Taxes go to social programs, highway maintenance etc etc etc for the Common Good. More taxes get taken from the people who earn the most, making them LESS ABLE to PURCHASE GOODS and help the ECONOMY. Is that not simple enough to realize? How is taking more money away from citizens (aka CONSUMERS) going to help boost the economy, pray tell?? Oh, I get it, giving more to the lower earning people so that they can buy more.. is that it? Well guess what - that does not help very much at all. If they already cannot afford basics, then giving them more money might put them at a level to be able to buy all the basics... but nothing more. So,,, where is that economic boost?

And then people say to increase taxes on businesses. Holy crap are you serious? Why, so they can put the cost onto the consumer and make things more expensive for us to buy, and then we are back to square one again (or is it Square None)? Really people, THINK THINGS THROUGH.

It can get very confusing with all the news and reports and studies but it is a simple basic rule of economy. You buy, you sell, you create, you grow. Take money away from ANY of those sectors and the economy will not grow, or not grow nearly as fast. Why is that not respected anymore? And again, the people I see most who complain and bitch about the govt are the very ones who are reaping the rewards of it every single day in their new nice big expensive homes and various luxuries. Sure, I hear poor people complaining about it too but they complain about ANY govt that is in power, not just the conservatives. I know because I lived that life for a decade, through two different govts.

Anyway it is just frustrating. People voted for these parties separately,,, can you tell me that the NDPs are going to be thrilled with Dion as their leader now? I am talking the citizens, not the govt members. Do the people who voted for Duceppe want to follow Dion now? NO. Or they would have voted Liberal in the first place, don't you think?

I fear our country is on the verge of a serious collapse and it scares the hell out of me. I have three young children to think about. Winter is here and it's reportedly going to be the coldest winter we have had in a century or more. I have to think about that when I watch what is going on, watch the economy crawling downhill, and wonder what the hell is going to happen if our own version of The Big Three manages to usurp power away from the ELECTED govt who was only elected 2 months ago. I hardly think this is the same as what happened in 2004, after 11 years of Liberal corruption was coming to light.

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