Thursday, January 29, 2009

Global Warming, Climate Change...????

For many years I have been thinking about Global Warming (now called Climate Change because of course half of us are experiencing bitter cold for longer periods of time than we recall having before). No I do not have any sort of degree in sciences so I am only trying to use my rational mind and I take in information from all directions and try to make heads or tails of it. One thing I said about 2 years ago, when hearing that glaciers and ice bergs were 'melting' or falling into the ocean was 'I wonder if it's more like they are shedding their skin' - much like a snake or spider. Why? Because at the SAME time I read many reports about the center of certain glaciers becoming thicker. Even right now, in Antarctica, posts have been abandoned that have been used for 50+ years to watch the environment and other studies, because the snow and ice has buried them. Buried them - they are gone. This has not happened before to those particular areas. So it is getting thicker in the middle, and falling off the edges and being swallowed by the ocean. I picture it as being like a snake growing and splitting his outer skin so his body has room to grow. This does not answer why entire glaciers in some mountain regions have disappeared - I have no idea why. But a few years ago we were told things would get hotter and hotter each year - and now suddenly we are being told we are going to freeze instead. Huh? A few years ago and again last year, I told my bf that I think the earth is going through a natural cycle. We already know that the earth has not stayed a habitable planet for millions of years - there have been ice ages already. So I wondered if we were just heading for another one. I watch shows about our solar system and how far the earth is from the sun at various times, and I made a mental note about a year ago that the earth is going farther away from the sun and the sun is not as 'hot' because it is going through another cycle too. I told people to wait and watch and see what happens with the Global Warning trend --- and here it is!

Now I am seeing endless programs on the Discovery Channel that speak of how the earth's ice cores show that there have been other warm periods, other ice ages. The hour long program I watched the other night talked about the earth going through ice ages for 50 or 60 thousand years, and then going into a warming up period for 20 to 30 thousand years, and back to ice age. Apparently we are about 10,000 years into a warming period and the scientists on the program suggested that we be prepared (future generations of course lol) to enter another ice age. As in, it's inevitable. The program did not surprise me at all because it is something I have thought about for 20 years. Are we really pushing the earth to an ice age through our emissions? Or are we just going along for the ride on a planet that is stronger and older than we can imagine, and fully reliant on the sun and it's natural changes as well? Can we assume that we could influence the earth's atmosphere so much that we would push it to a hot or cold change?

Something else I have been thinking about ever since the global warming addicts started complaining about the CO2 levels is wondering if it's really as bad as they say. The plant life on earth takes in CO2 and expells oxygen ... it's not like the CO2 sits around in the air waiting to stifle us. But what is more telling in my eyes is the fact that my boyfriend has to carry an air quality monitor with him at all times, 12 or more hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, for the past 15 or so years. The CO2 level has NEVER CHANGED. It remains a constant 20.9% unless he blows on it and it reads his breath. He has worked in the bitter north, and across two provinces, and has never seen the meter read above 20.9% CO2. Why is it the same? If CO2 levels are increasing and Climate Change ravers are crying out about an increase, why don't the people who carry monitors around all day long see this? Even when the wind is blowing 100km/hr, the monitor does not change. High elevation, low elevation, the monitor does not change. What are they testing and where are they testing it - to get these levels and cry out to people to stop emissions or we will kill the planet?? Yes they will say it's 'in the atmosphere', and I assume that means high up there - but if it has increased so much and is only going to increase and kill us all, as Gore et all say, why haven't we picked that up on ground monitors yet? When the sky is crazy and the winds are tearing us apart, why aren't the monitors reading even a 0.1% change in CO2?

Don't want to listen to some anonymous person on the net who has no clue what she is talking about? Okay then read some of this and educate yourself with 'the other side of the story'. Personally, I think if scientists cannot agree (note that 650 went to PROTEST the Global Warming/Climate Change talks), then how can we just pick one group and follow their preachings? They DO NOT KNOW.

The Goracle Speaks ... but what did he actually say?

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