Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CO2 Regulation

EPA Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide and other Heat Trapping Gases (NY TIMES, link courtesy of The Drudge Report)
Financial - rush to withdraw money from banks in Venezuala and Antigua

(this is totally a side note that I don't put much weight to for personal reasons, but 2 months ago my mother called me to tell me to watch the banks. She is in a large Christian ministry and one of their leaders claimed to have a 'vision' where major banks in a European country and in South America would crumble, along with possibly an Asian country. The leader warned that in his vision, people in other countries like the US suddenly found their banks were frozen as well and they could not withdraw any money for about 6 months. Again, this is not something I tend to believe in or follow (biblical vision claims), but I did make a mental note to watch and see what happens around the world just for the heck of it, so I thought I would pass that on).

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