Thursday, February 19, 2009


**I am reiterating my end comment at the start. Obama did not WRITE the stimulus (which is what the cartoon was about), so is the cartoon really saying that the stimulus bill is akin to the work of a crazed chimpanzee perhaps, which is actually poking fun at ALL of the writers (who are predominantly WHITE are they not??). Is it actually about Obama at all? He signed it, he did Not write it. Think about it people and realize that if you saw Obama as soon as you looked at the cartoon, you are the one with a problem, not the artist!!!**

I want to thank the author of the Dust My Broom blog for a reminder about political cartoons (see link in right column). You may already have heard or read the uproar about a political cartoon allegedly satirizing Obama as being a chimp in the NY Post... I am not going to repost the cartoon here but you can just imagine the fall-out. However, while venturing over to DMB's blog, I was faced immediately with an array of photos of former President George W Bush alongside countless Chimp photos. To do some of my own homework after remembering the MANY MANY times I have seen Bush-Chimp cartoons over the years, I simply headed to and typed in "Bush + chimp" , and whaddya know... a whole whack of choice images came up. So, knowing that, does it change your mind about the cartoon depicting Obama in the same manner (although I do not think it's depicting Obama at all)? Is it a racial issue to you anymore? Sure, I still think it is in bad taste but honestly, if one man can be portrayed as a chimp for several years over and over, why can't another? Are WE making it a racial issue all by ourselves? Here are some examples of what I found on the first google results page:
I will add again that I still think the cartoon was in bad taste, the chimp laying there dead, and so on - but I have a different reason for my distaste than I have seen anyone else talk about so far...But let's say it was about Obama - if the artist wanted to depict something like that, what should he have drawn instead? Obama himself laying there? Is the issue that the artist should not have displayed something like that at all, whether it was a chimp or an Obama-likeness or not? But if the above images can say that Bush looked like a chimp... well I will leave that open ended. Can I just say here that I looked at the offending cartoon several times today and do not see how it looks like Obama at all. If everyone looking at the picture automatically assumed that the chimp was Obama, who is the real racist?

The cartoon says 'They'll have to find someone else to WRITE the next stimulus bill'. Did Obama write it? Ummmm no, he did not. So who is the chimp really? Is it Obama or is it a reference to the lawmakers, Senators, Congressmen and whoever else had a hand in WRITING the bill? Obama signed it, but he did not write it.

May I also point out that the cartoon was done in direct reference to the chimpanzee who was shot and killed by police after literally tearing a woman to pieces??? If anyone should be offended, it should be the family of the victim who is still in hospital in very serious condition.


  1. I was just curious as to how you found my blog from up in Canada? LOL!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more. It's ok to make fun of Bush but God forbid we poke fun at our new messiah.



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