Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Our Spending Under Control

Just a random thought to throw out there, while I'm listening to Pres Obama speaking about the economy and thinking about other things he has said over the past few months. I heard things like 'the past 8 years', 'the deficit I inherited', etc - putting the blame on the last administration.

Well here is your thought for the day - Obama has been in the Senate since 2005, and in 2006 Democrats gained control of both Congress and the Senate. So these deficit-growing bills that were passed in the 2 years before Bush left office were voted in by whom? Hmm? What's that? Who's that? I wonder how many irresponsible spending bills Obama signed as a Senator, staking his own claim to being partially at fault for the very spending he is ridiculing now. And how many others in the Democratic party also voted those bills in (gee obviously a majority of them did)? Even during the times that they did not hold the majority - how many of them signed these spending bills over the 'past 8 years of failed policy'?? The information is out there but time consuming to wade through, HERE IS A LINK to bills that were sponsored/co-sponsored by Obama. It's just a thought for you to ponder because if people are going to say Obama is the New Hope, and put their dreams and faith into his presidency, then they also need to take a peek into the not-so-distant past to see what part HE played in the current deficit (then add on everything that has been happening since Jan 20th). And then also keep in mind that Pres GW Bush vetoed over 400 BILLS in his 8 years, many because of pork spending snuck in.

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