Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More on the Hughes Family

Remember THIS STORY from a prev blog entry? More info has crept out of the closet, which I found while trolling the web this morning on various blogs:

Dust my Broom
Grant Rants
Web of Deception

and I am sure many, many more. As I said before, this does not surprise me as I have encountered it myself countless times over the years. I still remember the newly single mom I met who owned her own business, had just bought a house in a very nice neighbourhood, drove a gigantic Ford Expedition, and was ranting that she could not get subsidized daycare for her son. She actually complained to ME about it, while I was renting a community housing duplex that was butt-ugly inside, working full time to feed my two kids on my own with only $125 a month in child support to help out. She meanwhile was receiving $800 a month in support for her son. She was angry that she did not get subsidy, but I did. Umm.... okay I was working for $2 above minimum wage and she OWNED a business that was doing pretty well. Please explain to me why she was ranting and crying about having to pay for her son's daycare (which incidentally, her ex husband would have had to pay about 75% of if she took him to court for it).

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