Friday, February 6, 2009

Here We Go

I have mentioned here and there for people to watch for anything resembling the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, and here it crops up again in the news. Another possibility would be be an 'equal time' doctrine. Concern from certain radio hosts I have listened to is that they already cannot get Liberals to come on their shows and have a chat. They refuse to do it, so how are they going to be able to comply with an equal time doctrine if they cannot get anyone to come on their programs and 'make things more fair and equal'? What I want to know is, why introduce something like this? What about freedom of speech? If people can stand out on a street corner with a sign, shouting and opposing Gay people, other religions, protest at soldier's funerals, and so on and get away with it for 'freedom of speech', why can't radio hosts have that freedom? It also takes away my rights if they are taken off the air because I pay to get this satellite radio in order to be able to listen to them. Some you can hear online for free, but I pay to hear all of them. The article sites that the new president is talking about transparency and accountability so this senator doesn't see a problem with enforcing this or a similar doctrine again. What on earth does transparency and accountability at the White House have to do with the airwaves? If anything - allowing these programs to continue IS transparency and accountability, is it not? If the hosts tell the public about certain things going on in the govt and tell them how to check it out for themselves, how is that not adding to the transparency and accountability pres Obama has been talking about? My thoughts are that taking it away would be the opposite of everything he has been stressing.

I was alerted to the news story by reading a post at The Canadian Sentinel. There is a very interesting entry about Diane Sawyer and Rush Limbaugh as well - check it out!

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