Friday, February 13, 2009

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In light of my previous posts detailing my experience with many low income families from my region, I found the following reports about the possible truth behind the story of Henrietta Hughes interesting. Of course, there is some confusion and denial going on and I don't know the whole story but quite frankly, it does not surprise me. If it turns out to not be true for Ms Hughes, it is most certainly true for many others (as I have seen myself!)

We Care Agency says help has been offered but refused (includes video and back story of how this came about, in case you have no idea who I'm talking about).
Hughes in the news in 2004
Hughes denial of new developments

Now, it is entirely possible that We Care is misrepresenting themselves, but if that is possible then it is also possible Ms Hughes is misrepresenting facts as well. I think you have to ask yourself why an organization would draw national attention to themselves, a lot of negative attention, if it was not true they offered her a free home for a 3 month period. Why would We Care step up and lie about this when Hughes has become somewhat of a celebrity across the United States (and I have seen the clip on Canadian news as well). Why would they lie about it? Perhaps Ms Hughes knew that in 3 months she would have to start paying $400 a month for rent and she refused because of that? Perhaps she misunderstood and thought the rent was due immediately? Perhaps We Care is lying through their teeth and wanted money right away, or wanted to be paid back eventually for the first 3 months on top of regular rent? Perhaps the place was a total wreck and not habitable? Perhaps they wanted a security deposit she couldn't pay? Who knows... but I find it interesting since I have face to face seen people do things like this on a regular basis right here in my own town. I think there is more to this story. My boyfriend right away said that he would like to know what she has tried in the past to help herself, what her son has done. And within days of the story breaking, information starts coming out...

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