Friday, February 13, 2009

US Stimulus Revision

The Huffington Post has a full text version of the stimulus package that is being voted on later today.
Pork or No Pork? The president himself has directly stated that there is no pork in this stimulus package, no earmarks... But is that the truth? I was watching Lou Dobbs on CNN the past couple of nights and he was literally laughing about the 'no pork' claim. He highlighted a provision for a San Fransisco wetlands project to save a mouse, which just happens to be a pet project of Nancy Pelosi's in her juristiction. Hmmm?? I can't find a video with that segment just yet but if I do I will post it. I don't always watch Dobbs, he can be a cantankerous old dude, but I found it interesting that after all the heavy coverage and adoration on CNN about the new president, one of their own well known figures is going in the other direction. Worth noting...?

You can watch some videos of Lou Dobbs HERE detailing his view on the truth behind 'not a single pet project, not a single earmark' complete with the President's own words.

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