Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Thinking...

So why did people leave their countries and go to America? Unless history is incorrect and has been glazed over and re-written, I always understood that people risked their lives and boarded ships in order to escape countries that they felt were smothering them. Once they arrived and started their new lives, and time went on growing and expanding, a group of leaders got together to hammer out their idea of what the new realm would be like. They wrote up a list of rules (aka The Constitution) that limited govt involvement, limited govt power, in order for people to have more freedom than they had in the past. They examined economic issues and wanted the people to be able to rise up on their own, through their own abilities, and flourish. I remember learning in school about capitalism and it seems that the US largely relied on that system and it became the most powerful country in the world with the most opportunities for people to literally arrive with only the shirt on their back yet become a financial success through their own ingenuity. People came to America in droves, illegally sneaking in or applying for residency. Canada and the US are very close in size yet Canada only has 10% of the US population (yes that can be due to the north being a wee bit cold lol, but even the lower half of Canada does not have anywhere near the population of it's mirror reflection over the border).

If America became such a gigantic world power in this manner, why are politicians and some economists claiming that was the wrong way to go? If it was wrong, please explain to me how the US became so massive in finance, population, opportunities over the past 200 or so years? If you look now at the downturn that has led to this great debt, do you not see a pattern of increased govt involvement, spending, socialized programs? Is it possible that the further the US got from it's original plan, the more in debt it became? And now the prospect is even more govt involvement? What is this trend going to do? Will it better the US or drive it further down and potentially destroy it? Just think about it yourself. Think about how it grew to be such a massive power in the world in such a short time, working on ideas that were different than most anywhere else, even though it was a baby country compared to others. Think about how European countries have history dating back thousands of years, but the US is only a few hundred years old in its current form. How was it successful so fast and why is changing it going to make it prosper again???


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